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Just started on a book. Dangerous Journeys to be precise, and soon I have to have at least the outline for you to look at. Later I may ask that you join in.

Dangerous Journeys (DJ) is to be a role playing system or engine containing the mechanics for role playing guides using the DJ system. Which is how I understand it. DJ is my adaptation of the system by Gary Gygax and friends put into my own words so I don’t mess with his rights. This system is at best just my advice on how you could best run matters in a DJ setting or world. At the moment the guides I’m planning on include…

Abyss: Future Man travels out into the void.

Mythus: A fantasy world.

Chivalry: A fantasy world with high magick.

Unhallowed: Near future with supernatural horrors returning.

Primary Colors: Superheroes and the like.

And that is what I could come up with. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them in.

And wish me luck, for I could use the encouragement.

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