The Weight of the Matter

The matter of Gravity that is. For some time ago I can up with an hypothesis for how gravity arises. Now I’ve lost it, but to sum up what I do recall, gravity in this scheme arises thanks to the motion of what are essentially fundamental particles through space-time. But which aren’t really particles, but rather minimal volumes of space-time in a state of compression I call a “fold”. In effect space-time resists change and in order for a fold to “move” space-time has to change. But that takes work, and the faster the change the more work it takes. And the more work it takes the resistance to change there is, and so the rate of change and the rate of the rate of change means that any change in velocity slows down. Become harder that is and that produces what we call relativity.

In addition space-time gets warped if you like. Bent or curved in other words. So that what is a straight path to the fold becomes curved from our point of view.

And then you have what happens when folds interact, producing objects composed of two or more folds that I call “fibers”, and “twine”, and “thread” and “string”. Though I could be wrong, and testing all this is beyond my capabilities.

So there you have my thinking on the matter.

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