I am Horrid

Just got through reading the National Geographic special issue on Mt. Everest. On page 60 of the issue in question you get a look at the path up the mountain from Camp III to the summit, and I can only conclude that as rugged as it is, it is not so much a climb as it is a hike. Far as I can see you can stroll to the top of the world.

So I’m thinking, why not install a wheelchair ramp to the peak of Mt. Everest? Make it double wide so you could have chairs coming up and down at the same time? Make the chairs motorized and install oxygen bottles for those riding. And at the top install a restaurant for those making it to the up.

Call it Norgay’s Nibbles and offer a complimentary glass of yak milk with each entree. It would draw a crowd.

Well that’s my thinking. What’s yours?

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