My Notes

7-26-20: Just got a notebook to write in thanks to one of the nurses here. Here being Parkway Hills Nursing and Rehab in La Mesa CA. I’m here because I wrecked my left knee in a fall. A bit later my heart and lungs decided to mess up. Wound up at Scripps Mercy in Hillcrest for a few days, then got transferred here for rehab..

Oh, before I forget, my knee got screwed up before the other things popped up. Couldn’t walk really, so when my lung etc. started giving my problems my caregiver told me to call emergency, where they decided I was having heart failure and they kept me for awhile.

While I was gone my caregiver Roxanne got my apartment cleaned up so it looks a lot better now that I’m home.

So I need to eat better and drink more. As for the knee, I need to use stretching exercise to loosen it up so I can walk on it. So that’s how I came to disappear from the web for awhile. The lady who got me the notebook was one Rosalinda, a nurse at Parkway Hills. More when I’ m ready type it up.

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