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Here I present a guide for the Dangerous Journeys System. The Guide is called Dweomer, and it is a fantasy guide set in the modern day, though not exactly in the modern world.

In Dweomer magick works, as does science. For as far as I can see magick and science do not contradict each other. Science for all purposes is a way of dealing with information, a way to investigate claims and hypotheses, while magick is a way of handling matters and affecting the real world. In Dweomer magick works in conjunction with science, for science is really just a way to explain what is going on. Neither science or magick contradict each other when you get right down to it.

Along with magick Dweomer as a guide also features highly advanced science. Science greatly advanced over our for in Dweomer there are resources –magickal resources– that we don’t have. But keep in mind that this is my thinking on the matter, how I see things. For I can see no reason why a world with magick has to be irrational. Which means I’ve got my work cut out for me. The most important part is that the magick in Dweomer means things are going to be possible that are not in our reality. In the Dweomer Oarth –their version of Earth– magick is used for a lot of things. Just as Astrology has castings in the Ærth of Mythus, so Astronomy has castings in the Oarth of Dweomer. And they’re used pretty much for what you’d expect. Thanks to castings they can see the star Sirius in real time, the present day in other words. Paleontologists can send probes back into time to watch events in the Jurassic and find out where it is most likely fossils or various kinds can be found in the present day. Thanks to divination they have learned how Oarth’s Abraham Lincoln avoided assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth in 1865, only later to die of a heart condition connected to his Marfan’s Syndrome in 1868.

Now in the DJ group on FaceBook we’ve had talks about magick and castings for other than adventures and adventurers. It is estimated that in Mythus for instance there are some 1,000 castings, with more hinted at. Cooking as a skill for example as a few magickal effects suggested. As far as I can see, in Dweomer the number of castings may well number in the hundreds of thousands, what with such as Mechanics and Negotiation having their own lists.

And with magick space travel in Dweomer is relatively common. Even travel to the stars via the astral plane, although the upper size of the craft that can be translated there is just 100 tonnes in mass. And that travel requires a strong sense of wonder, which puts a premium on imagination. Travel of Oalpha Centrum requires a fair amount of smarts, sorry literalists.

This is Oarth, that is Dweomer. In reality it can be rather mundane, for the fantastical really needs to be rare if not unique. Trolls by and large appear human for that enhances their survival, while pixies long ago learned how and why they should restrain their tricks so that humans will refrain from trying to kill them. More coming on the subject of Dweomer as I work on the project.

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