It Occurs to Me

That in my life we have been going through a series of apocalypses,  starting with the Cold War and continuing up to the Pandemic of today. As a matter of fact we had just been through the apocalypse of WWII, which lead pretty directly to the Cold War and the subsequent local apocalypses of the civil rights movement and the anti war movement. And speaking of local apocalypses you have the oligarchy’s apocalypse which has given us the current income disparity. What we really need to do is to step back, take a deep breath, and see what we can do about correcting matters. Let’s stop being so damn reactionary and start using our heads.

But I suspect that until we start thinking before blathering and throwing tizzies we’ll continue to have these apocalypses. And that won’t likely happen until the Pandemic has had a chance to bump off the stupid. And that’s what I see happening. The fools will die, leaving the sensible to carry on and hopefully produce subsequent generations more capable than the current. To be blunt, we’re being winnowed. That means people are going to die, die in great numbers, and it looks like our population overall is going to drop drastically. Maybe soon we’ll be able to take a break and chill a bit.

Though the way things are going now I rather doubt it. People will die of Covid and a lot will die. In addition we’re starting to hear of a growing reaction to what our oligarchs have done and the rebellion is demanding reforms. Reforms that are going to upset things and disrupt them. High taxes for the rich will be coming back and they can either find ways to lessen the blow that don’t include hording, or start flinging themselves off of tall buildings.

That is what occurs to me. We have revolutions coming and our world will not be the same once they’ve had their way. Oh, and keep in mind the Vladimir Putin is getting older and too dang soon will be gone. Him and his iron control over the Russian oligarchy. Think the breakup of the old Soviet Union was a calamity? Wait until the Russian Federation fragments. And without Russia keeping pressure on Mainland China things will be getting hot there as well. And all this will mean peril for the United States as we flounder at dealing with what’s going on.

Our kids are going to have a shit load to study in school in the coming generations.

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