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Even bad science can teach us a lot. Over all the science in this site is pretty bad. That said, it does start off with a good bit of scientific work, that being the analysis done on hairs gathered from Eurasia and North America of a possible bipedal ape. Depending on where from exactly known as the yeti or the sasquatch.

So what have they found in those hairs? Well, at least in the hair roots they have found genetic material apparently from primates most closely related to the great apes. You know; the orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and man. The bad part comes into play when you consider how the information gained is presented on the site –it could be better organized and much clearer–, and in the main conclusion reached, that being that the animal in question is a hybrid of ape and man.

Now back some years ago when this material was first presented to the world a skeptic who’s name I forget actually analyzed the material independently. In short he found a lot of gorilla dna in the samples. At least that was his conclusion. From what he said my conclusion was –and still is– that the animal in question has a common ancestor with the gorilla, and correspondingly with man.

But then you get those who keep insisting that the Yeti/Sasquatch can’t be possible because primates are only supposed to be tropical or sub-tropical animals. And that largely because for the most part primates seem to be restricted to tropical and semi-tropical regions. This despite the fact one species of primate is commonly found in temperate, sub-arctic, and arctic environment, an animal we given the scientific name Homo sapiens. If humans can why not bigfoot?

And with the Bigfoot the protest is made, they couldn’t get here from Eurasia in the first place. A claim which seems to disregard the migration of tyrannosaurs and humans in one direction, and horses in another. Now it is true the we could have made it by boat, but at one time it appears all we needed to do was walk. As for the tyrannosaurs and horses, at no time did they ever have the technology or the ability to create and use it.

My point here is that any complaint that an event is not possible is just wrong. Especially when we actually do have evidence that it is possible. Photographic evidence in some cases, physical evidence in the case of hairs from which we have gotten DNA from. Primate DNA, anthropoid DNA.

There’s more to be said here, but that means my doing some research into a certain party who basically fed us a line of bull shit on the subject of the Patterson-Gimlin film of 1967. At the moment I’m pooped, so that can wait form a later day.

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