“Who then is my Brother?”

An elderly disabled woman was assaulted and seriously injured in downtown San Diego, police said today.

Source: Elderly disabled woman assaulted in Downtown San Diego

She has housing now. At her age and in her state she’s in no condition to be on the street. That fact she was says a lot about our society, and that not good.  Though I suspect she’s also short-tempered and not entirely pleasant to be around.

And her assailant is also short tempered and not pleasant to be around. I expect that when caught he’s going into mental health and then into a board and care where they can keep an eye on him. She’s also going into a board and care for assessment and treatment, both will then be going into long term nursing since neither can really be trusted on their own.

It sounds to me like nobody really wanted to take responsibility for them, so they took whatever excuses they could to avoid the responsibility. Some people just have to have their comfort wealth, and so refuse to spend what is necessary for the benefit of society. Small are the souls of the greedy.

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