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Source: The RPGPundit: Your D&D Campaign Prep is Wrong

This reminded me of a series of events that took place during a session at UCSD back in 1975. In it my character, a prestidigitator, fell down a hole and wound up on the 15th or so level of a dungeon. A first level magick user with one hit point, one spell, and a dagger.

According to a recently established tradition I was supposed to just let him die while I prepared a new character to enter play. I said, “Heck with that.”

So I told the fellow running the game what my character was doing, and he let me just to see what would happen. After some wandering about I found a dragon’s lair.

To make a long story short the dragon gave me directions to stairs going up. I followed those directions until I ran into the lair of a balrog –this being back when D&D had balrogs.”

The balrog demanded to know what I was doing there, and I tell him, “That dragon up the hall?


“He says you’re a wimp.”

“He said what?”

“That you’re a wimp.”

Telling me to wait there he headed off to the dragon’s lair. He came back a few minutes later, said “thanks.”, and tossed me out.

I go back to the dragon’s lair and find him in rather poor shape. As a matter of fact he had just one hit point left, and being a kind soul I put him out of his misery. That done I gather up some gold, a robe, a staff, and a new dagger then head out the door for the last time. Just in time to encounter 8 dwarven myrmidons.

Seeing me coming out the door their leader asks, “Is this the dragon’s lair?”


“How is the dragon?”

“He’s dead.”

“And who’s responsible?”

“Well… …I am.”

I now have 8 myrmidon dwarfs as my henchmen.

As you can see based on my experience that night back in 1975 I’m not about to treat any session of any RPG as a story. Just too unpredictable. In the play of any RPG things can’t be set in stone in any fashion. What happens depends on what the player decides to do, and how his luck plays out. I got lucky, and I amused our moderator. And had I taken the time to set it up with him my pea green magician and his dwarfs could’ve had an impact on the moderator’s world.

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