Fear Has a Price

Has I catch a bit on what is going on in the world today it has occurred to me that what I’m seeing a lot of is, people are scared. We are scared and we hate it.

All this stuff about making America great again and battling against the rights of others and all that crap comes down to, we are scared. That’s what it boils down to. So we get stressed and we act out. A pair of sheriff’s deputies in LA County are shot, followed by a local reporter getting beat on, abused, and arrested. Somebody just had a bad reaction to the lawmen being seriously wounded so he lashed out at some innocent to relief his tension.

The same holds true of all too many cops in all too many situations. Where doesn’t matter, why doesn’t matter, we are just don’t handling matters very well and we just letting things get away with us. We need to do better, we need to learn how to handle matters better.

I’m autistic, for the autistic life is just stressful. We get stressed, we act out, we have melt downs. When a melt down happens to an officer of the law he could end up killing some one. When civilians have a melt down they cold get together with their friends and block traffic in an effort to gain some sort of control over a situation. It comes down to this, we really don’t know how to handle ourselves in time of stress, we really don’t know how to handle the fear.

Take the various conspiracies going around. Something’s going on and we really don’t know what. Knowledge of a conspiracy lets us think we have some sort of handle on matters, let’s us think we know what’s going on and that knowledge gives us control over matters. It gives us assurance, albeit a false assurance because what we’re so sure we know just isn’t so.

What we need to do is to teach ourselves how to handle stress, how to learn about what’s going on and how to effectively deal with it. We need to learn how to learn, and how to apply what we’ve learned.

That’s how I see matters. We have just let things go on a bit too far and it’s time we made some effort to learn how to handle matters effectively.

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