Do We Have To?

It wasn’t Black-on-Black crime. Violent video games and rap songs had nothing to do with it; nor did poverty, education, two-parent homes or the international “bootstraps” shortage. When a judge tasked researchers with explaining why Massachusetts’ Black and Latinx incarceration was so high, a four-year study came up with one conclusion.

Source: Harvard Study Shows Systemic Racism in Massachusetts Criminal Justice System

In the first episode of The Fresh Prince one young black man tells his friend to be carefully regarding a white man in the holding cell with them. When his friend asks him why he replies, “Cuz he’s in here.”

The finding of racism in the report covered in the story linked above is nothing new, blacks have long been discriminated against by the bigots in law enforcement. It’s racism pure and simple. Centuries of racism brought about by the need of certain parties to insist that blacks are sub-human beasts fit only for servitude. To that I say, “Like fuck.”

There has long been blacks in the science fiction community. To write good SF you need smarts. There are blacks in science, politics, and the arts, all of those call for smarts in one way or another. And when you get right down to it, all the racism we see in criminal law is a blatant waste of time and effort. A waste we really can’t afford what with a pandemic raging and our infrastructure rotting. We ain’t got the damn money or the damn time.

To make this simple, black lives matter. Let’s take this seriously.

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