Getting Older

I know that as we get older we’re supposed to be getting more and more conservative. But in my case it would appear that I am getting more and more liberal. And that because thanks to my increased experience I am getting wiser and wiser.

When young I was somewhat conservative. For the most part because I made assumptions about the world. Assumptions based on my lack of experience. As I learned better I became more liberal. The way things are going in my 90s I may well become a flaming radical. In any case as of today I’m all for most liberal causes, in so far as they promote the social welfare and human dignity. I mean, being ultra rich would be nice, but if it meant that most of that money really wouldn’t be doing anything it wouldn’t kill me to let the government have it. Long as I have enough for food, housing, clothing, and medicine have a few shekels to help that young mom with her brood and that homeless man get off the street. Ain’t gonna kill me. At least not much faster then aging is going to anyway.

Oh, and I’m also writing to say “thank you.” to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Classy broad, let’s hope the fight over her seat on the Supreme Court is a long one not settled until sometime after the inauguration in 2021.

And finally just in case, here is my wish to see President Harris does well in her new office should Biden expire any time soon. We all know that Joe is old and that the Presidency can wear a fellow out, the fact he choose a competent person for VP gives me hope for the country. In any case I wish you all well.

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