The Dying Russians

Between 1992 and 2009, the Russian population declined by almost seven million people, or nearly 5% — a rate unheard of in Europe since World War II.

Source: The Dying Russians

Russia is a dead state, that’s what it amounts to. Vladimir Putin is at the head of a corpse and under him the corpse is twitching just as if we were talking about a human body in the year of the person’s demise. And not only is it twitching, it’s shambling about with what amounts to an immune system gone cancerous posing a threat to parts of itself, and to neighboring states.

Russia is dead and we are watching and waiting as the carcass decomposes, with the bones being exposed and the bacteria and fungi infesting it lashing out blindly in a doomed attempt to make it support them in the manner they so desperately need. And all the while the world waits.

Beijing waits for the structure to collapse, oh so blithely ignoring the fact that without Moscow’s presence giving them a reason to continue on they are doomed themselves. For the Chinese need something like Russia to give them a reason to unite when there is so much drawing them apart.

And with the PRC there is Pyongyang, a Chinese client state in a state of rigor mortis blustering all the while her structure is collapsing in the fact of aggression by Seoul.

And all the while we are going through our own Civil War, or as author David Brin keeps telling us, a flare up of an old conflict between parties bound and determined to see the other side cast out into the deeper darkness. With Russia’s death we face our own extinction and this at a time when climate change bids fair to change things and re-sculpt human civilization. For Putin and Trump are both symptoms of a rot that will require radical treatment, revolutionary treatment.

We will see the lands now occupied by Russia being broken up into numerous smaller states, for Russia is just too big to be viable. China may well follow in her wake, while North Korea will find herself being incorporated into an expansionist  Korean Republic. The U.S will change as well, with old states being replaced by new ones and her republic recast to better handle the world to come. And Canada bids fair to become leader of the world.

That’s my assessment.

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