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We’ll note by starting from the fact that while our differences aren’t really all that great, we still have differences. And these differences are noticeable, especially when it comes to skin color and sometimes appearance.

Then you add in our ethnic differences, which while they are more open to our interpretation so still set up apart.

On our Species

Over all we all belong to the same species, an animal known as Homo sapiens. A species just about 100 thousand years old and composed of a number of sub-species. Populations often referred to as “races”. But at the same time we can also include descendants going back the the Neanderthal, the Denisovan, and  possible even H. Erectus, though we’re really not sure yet.

And then you have peoples such as the African Pygmy and the Negrito of Melanesia who may well be separate species in their own right. You get right down to it, what we have in common is a matter of our genus, a group known as “Homo” or “Man”.

On Earth

And on something the size of the Earth with all the area Earth has for terrestrial life you’re going to have a lot of territory and a variety of environments for different ethnic groups, sub-species, and even species. And when you take in just how much in common each of our populations have when you get right down to it, you might as well say there’s really not enough to discriminate between each population, so you might as well just say we’re all equal and treat us accordingly.

Summing Up

So in the typical Dangerous Journeys guide with it’s Earth sized setting, you are going to have different races of humans, different kinds of humans. And those different species could well have races of their own. In any case when it comes to deciding on or determining which races your HP is going to be, that will either be your choice or something determined by a die roll or the draw of a card. And when you consider how much we resemble each other in the long run, it really makes no sense to insist on some race or species being so different from the others they are not a good choice to play. So that Afar Black maybe some 7′ tall, doesn’t mean he can’t be a good role to assume.

And keep in mind that when you come right down to it, we are all of mixed race and that there is really not all that much where those pure of race are concerned. Officially I’m white, but there is a good likely hood I have black ancestors, and a fairly good chance I’m part Neanderthal. So make your Persona your own and know that he is part of an extensive brotherhood.

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