I Can Only Conclude

And that is, San Diego Transit doesn’t want you using their buses for anything as unimportant as getting around town, or even to and from work. The buses don’t go where you need to go, transfers are not available, and all too often there is a gap between the routes you may need to get to where you need to go. And all too often you can find yourself needing to take a roundabout route to get to a place you young folks could easily walk to.

What it comes down to is, I need to get a bike. However, with my heart condition I find I’m going to need what is known as a ebike. That is, an electric powered motorized bicycle. But, I don’t have the money for one. The prices I’ve seen online say between 1k and 2k $, but since I also need a new(er) computer to replace this old thing, that means I’m not going to have the money for an ebike before I get substantially older.

And then I learn that the folks at Amazon have no blinkin’ idea of how to classify ebikes, lumping them in with regular bikes haphazardly. That makes it damn hard to find an ebike I can put on a wishlist. The cybernetics community in this dang reality are just to precious for anyone’s good.

Can you help?


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Or Why We Get Things Wrong


As I understand it, post modernism’s basic idea is that we can’t really know anything. The best we can do is to come to an understanding which might fit what we observe, but what we can observe is not, necessarily, what is going on. But then there are those who misinterpret what post modernism is saying and insist that it means that all ideas are equally valid, which is not what post modernism says.

You get right down to it, the fact we can’t completely understand doesn’t mean we can’t understand at all, or that all understandings are of equal value. Some understandings are better than others, because they deal with what we can observe better than others.

Enter Memes

A meme is basically an idea. A thought, a notion. This meme that memes are a sort of joke is a misunderstanding of what memes are. You have this idea, that is a meme. Your meme, your idea, may be a good one, it may be a bad one, but like the gene in biology a meme is tested to see if it is good. Should the meme be given an honest appraisal it will prosper. But not all memes are appraised honestly. The meme as a joke meme is an example of a bad idea embraced by many, and that embrace rationalized on the grounds some like it. The “wild animals can’t really be trusted” meme is based on the idea that all wild animals are a certain way and that they can’t be trusted around us. That is stereotyping and is based on the idea that animals can’t be individuals, and that some can’t have productive interactions with humans.

Yet, when you take the time to observe what an animal is doing, you discover that some can and will interact with humans comfortably, as long as you don’t push. No pressure, just accept what the animal is doing, and there will be times when the individual will be friendly. It is possible for a Virginia Opossum to come to accept you well enough to want to play with you at some early hour in the morning.

As you can see a meme, an idea, can be misinterpreted, but that doesn’t mean the meme isn’t valid, or that memes in general have to be of equal value. Some memes are just better than others and we must needs discriminate among them.

Final Thoughts for This Post.

Now here I thought I would now be able to deal with a certain meme, but it turns out that I’ve opened up something with more in it than I had expected. I was going to now look at the “magick that works” meme, but then other memes popped up in my head. The “Bigfoot can exist” meme is one of them, but like the MTW meme the BCE meme will have wait for later posts. That means that I will be doing a series of posts, under the title of “Misunderstanding”. So I can only ask for your patience. And now that I think of it, I’ll have to do a post on the “Tom Jefferson was wrong about human equality” meme, because he was. Or, rather, that how we interpret what he said is wrong. See you later.


After reports circulated last week that President Donald Trump had pushed for a policy that would release undocumented immigrants into sanctuary cities, Trump appeared to attempt to put the policy in practice via Twitter on Monday.

Source: Trump attempts to enact plan that would send immigrants to sanctuary cities via Twitter

Why, thank you Mr. President. We could use people like this, people with foresight and initiative. People who want a better life for themselves and their families. People willing to take action against oppression and persecution, and you’re sending them to places open to their arrival and eager to see them succeed.

They will add so much to the culture and economy of their new homes, opening new businesses, introducing us to the arts and foods of their old homes. In time now depressed areas may well see an infusion of industry as the derelict is replaced by the vibrant and the infusion of hope sees us responding in kind.

In addition, in about a generation we should see a new political vitality become established, as the voice of progress and civil engagement is renewed and our problems are addressed by those happy to see that their efforts will not be as oppressed as they were in the old land. I mean, we can’t be as bad as their former governments. I mean, we’re not going to but up with it, and our efforts will be supported by our new immigrants.

Expect new leaders to arise from the refugees. Expect them to take advantage of the opportunities they will find in this land . Expect them to succeed, and through that success encourage success amongst their new neighbors. You may well be remembered in the future as the man who revitalized the U.S. and gave us hope renewed. I know you were hoping to see things go very badly for us and them, but keep in mind that your desires to do ill can well result in great good happening to your enemies.

Such an Adventure

Just had a week in the hospital. This time around it turns out that Mercy in Hillcrest and the UCSD Medical Center were busy with  rash of flu cases, so I went to Sharp Memorial in Kearny Mesa. They learned that my heart was fibbing and going a tad too fast. So they decided to keep me and and fiddle a bit with my meds.

Last Saturday they were finally satisfied, so I got to go home. On Monday I’m getting new medicine, and I get to schedule a follow up with my cardiologist. Then I’ve got more things to get for my room.

I’m going to be busy; my kidneys need to be looked at, new meds to take, and I may soon be getting a better walker for long distance ambles. But, I do feel better. Though the really big thing is going to be lining up a new psychiatrist and switching to an antidepressant that should be better for me. Though at the moment I’m amazed there are great and great-great grand parents out there.

The Consequences of Magick

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series On Aerth

Or why is Aerth so empty?

Of all the guides in Dangerous Journeys Mythus is most likely the one with the most, and the most advanced, magick. This has consequences. One is,  Mythus is high magick (at least as far as I see), and second, through the use of magick the worlds of Ærth has learned things one may not expect them to.

For the most part the reason why comes down to divination that works. Thanks to that Ærth has learned things. A number of things, but the most important ones for our purposes have to do with agriculture. Such as the superiority of Sung agriculture, which is now used by most everyone, including the Lemurians (while they are racist pigs, they are not stupid). And divinations directed at discovering good times to plant, and to reap, and the best way to transport crops to market. Learning the best crops to grow is a big part of this.

And this has one huge consequence, it only takes a quarter of the land that would other wise be needed to support a population.

In part 2 of this series we’ll have a look at how this affects just exactly how much territory a population of 500 million requires.


Got rid of a plugin, so an  earlier post looks differently that it did originally. Now I’m going to rant.

Being Disappointed

We have a talent for misinterpreting things. Very often it’s because we want things to be a certain way. Such as with the purported non-existence of Bigfoot. One subject where we have this need to misinterpret is in the area of post modernism, which we take to an unseemly extreme.

At the core post modernism tells us that we can’t really know anything absolutely. You get right down to it, there’s always the possibility that we are wrong. But that does not mean that everything we expound is of equal value. The theory of evolution works better than intelligent design thanks to the available evidence. Forensics works better than eyewitness testimony, because forensics consists of the inanimate, which has no ego to warp observation.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t come close. Neither does it mean that just anything will work, for somethings do work better than others.You can’t, for example, fly a lead airplane. Lead is just too damn dense. Neither can you shape reality through your desire without the use of physical tools. The mechanism just isn’t there.

We are limited in what we can know, and in how accurate that knowledge can be. But we can still know to a fair amount of accuracy, so long as we accept our limitations. You get right down to it, everything we know is a guess, and some guesses aint worth a rotting wooden nickel. But we can test our guesses, prove or disprove them, and should they be disproved trash the mistake and try something else. There is no sin in being wrong, only in refusing to accept that you are wrong. And it is through correcting our mistakes whenever we spot them that we make progress.

Our world is as it is and all your blathering aint changing a thing.

Playing Around

And Why Exactly?

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Because I’m trying out a new plugin, which doesn’t look like it was written by a competent coder. For text columns you need to use CSS, and not HTML. But HTML is traditional, and young adults are so damn conservative in so many ways.

It’s the 21st century, time to update.

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