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On page 42 of the December 2018 Discover is an article on monopoles According to the Wikipedia article they are said to be hypothetical particles that have either a positive charge or a negative one. What I’m getting is a fundamental mal understanding of reality.

We already have such particles. One is known as the proton and it has a positive charge. The other is the electron, and it has a negative charge. The two are combined into atoms, which amount to what we can call dipoles.The atomic theory of matter doesn’t allow for monopoles at any scale greater than the sub-atomic. So long as an object is make up of atoms it will always be a dipole.

And that’s the problem with science, it will never be a matter of opinion.

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It has occurred to me that we tend to simplify things. In this case we have the bad habit of assuming that oxygen saturation of the blood is sufficient to tell us how well oxygenated we are.Thing is, knowing how much oxygen our blood is carrying tells us nothing about how well our bodies are being supplied. And not just with oxygen.

It’s not just a matter of how much the blood is carrying, but of how much of that gets to it’s goal.

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I know what I’m going to be doing New Years Eve, getting probed. No, not anal, urethral. My urologist w.ants a look at my bladder, and that means he gets to thread my wang.

He’ll also be putting a tube in my back so he can check out my kidneys. He finds what he expects I can expect surgery. But before that happens my Cardiologist has to approve the surgery because of my heart. That may require a heart procedure before they work on my kidneys. Looks like 2019 in going to be a busy year.

So get your ass checked out, you never know what they’ll find.

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Some Thinking

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First Thing

It’s about damn time I started blogging again. I’m starting to feel better, and I’ve been pondering a few things.

On Quanta

One of these is the matter of quanta in physics (singular quantum) and what they imply. In physics a quantum is the very smallest thing that can be. Nothing can be any smaller. Funny thing is, I don’ see where the actual size of a quantum is dealt with, and you’d think that would be important. We’re not talking about anything abstract here, but rather the rather concrete.

So I’m taking a quantum as being the smallest volume of spacetime there can be. In the concrete that is, the abstract is another matter.

Now in standard physics quanta are supposed to be what lies beneath spacetime. I’m thinking that quanta is spacetime at it’s smallest dimension, and it is what each quantum can do and how the quanta interact that determines the basic structure of existence. That is a whole ‘nother post, so you get to wait for it.

Suffice it to say there is more to be said.

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There Are Two Proposals Actually

A proposed aerial cable car system that would take people from the San Diego Bay to Balboa Park was reviewed Friday and a report gave a sneak peek at what the so-called “Skyway” might look like.

Source: Plans Revealed for San Diego “Skyway” Ride From Bay to Balboa Park – NBC 7 San Diego

This is one of two proposed aerial tramways, the other planned for the airport to the convention center. There is one already in operation, but that one is restricted to the zoo.

I expect there will be opposition, what with the possibility of construction disrupting things, accidents, and suicides as people find ways to circumvent precautions against jumpers, for we are an inventive animal when motivated.

Here now is the link to the alternate, The route appears to be a bit more complicated than the others, but my concerns regarding disruptions and suicides still holds.

I’m also thinking that the two skyways could be connected, allowing people to travel from airport to zoo without once touching the ground.

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What’s New With Me

I’m now in a study for a new medication for osteoarthritis. Later today I get xrays of my knee, then later an MRI so we can find out just how bad they are. Artemis, the people doing the study locally, are providing transportation, medical support, and pay of either 50 or 75 dollars

Which is where you come in. You want to you can provide matching funds. $75 is what I’ve been paid so far, and I should be getting up to $1,075 when the study is done. How you match this is up to you. So donate what you feel like.

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One Thing I’ve Noted

Even today more than a century after Einstein pointed it out, people are still arguing about what gravity is and how it works.

Now as I understand matters Einstein pointed out that mass bends spacetime. That is, spacetime is curved by mass. The result of this curvature we call gravity. Later workers had a look at the other forces and determined that they are also bends in spacetime, though not exactly like gravity. You get right down to it, what we call photons and gluons really amount to illusions. Illusions made possible by how we can perceive things.

In fact, I would say that the reality we see is an illusion, made possible by how we can see things. And how we see things shapes how we can understand them.

Another way to think of this is that what we see as atoms and sub-atomic particles really amount to blurs. Our vision, however we actualize it, just ain’t that sharp. Atoms are a blur. Electrons are a blur. Quarks are a blur and so on down the line.

And people persist in seeing this because the alternative scares them. Even scientists, for they want a science that reassures them and not one that challenges them.

So really, what we have are not forces, but rather interactions and there are nine of them. And we persist in seeing particles we don’t really need for we won’t accept that the bending of spacetime is all we need and not some imaginary thing.

What is reality? Spacetime fucking with itself. That’s how I see matters. And one day a scientist (most likely a physicist) will take a good, hard look at the matter and conclude that our existence is stranger than we think.

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Physicists Model Electrons in Unprecedented Detail — Spoiler Alert: They’re Round

Subatomic particles that have never been seen aren’t quite like what some scientists predicted.

Source: Physicists Model Electrons in Unprecedented Detail — Spoiler Alert: They’re Round

I suspect that electrons are spheres because the sub-electron particles that make them up produce a  blur that we can’t focus on at the moment. That is, we can’t get a sharp enough focus on the sub-electrons to distinguish them.

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‘Broadband’ Networks of Viruses May Help Bacteria Evolve Faster | Quanta Magazine

Illuminating mathematics, physics, biology and computer science research through public service journalism.

Source: ‘Broadband’ Networks of Viruses May Help Bacteria Evolve Faster | Quanta Magazine

And what of eukaryotes?

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