A self-powered heart monitor taped to the skin — ScienceDaily

Scientists have developed a human-friendly, ultra-flexible organic sensor powered by sunlight, which acts as a self-powered heart monitor. In this study, they directly integrated a sensory device, called an organic electrochemical transistor — a type of electronic device that can be used to measure a variety of biological functions — into a flexible organic solar cell. Using it, they were then able to measure the heartbeats of rats and humans under bright light conditions.

Source: A self-powered heart monitor taped to the skin — ScienceDaily

I could use this. Know of any studies in San Diego for it?

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Then They Come Home

JAXA announced Saturday (Sept. 22) that two tiny hoppers had made it safely onto the surface of the asteroid Ryugu.

Source: They Made It! Japan’s Two Hopping Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid Ryugu

I don’t know what that will be, but I expect it’ll surprise some people.

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Progress Making

Saw my doctor today. In two weeks I’ll be seeing him again. Tomorrow I’ll be delivering a urine sample, and I suspect I couldn’t deliver today because I was dehydrated. Also got a referral to see a nephrologist and we’ll look into why my kidneys aren’t up to snuff.

It also looks like I’ll be getting a heart monitor, because my pulse finding skill stinks on dry ice. If you happen to know of one at a good price drop me a line.

And I’m still waiting on the apartment.

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In Good News.

Just learned that the Alpha Project may cover part of my rent for October. It may also mean getting a payee, but we’ll see

In further news it looks like I’ll be getting an apartment. Most likely for $250 a month, which means I’ll have more money to spend. In mid October I should be moving to a place in Banker’s Hill. Park West is the name and it’s supported housing.

Still waiting for the procedures on those leg veins, but it does look like my meds are starting to work. I will ask Dr. Mohamedy about a personal heart monitor.

Getting my veins done will mean getting them raised above my heart when I sleep, so if you have any suggestions I’d like to hear them.

Before my final note please remember that you could still help. Just tap on the button below and enter your preferred amount, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 1,000, 10,000, whatever you wish.

Finally, is there any way we can get Vladimir Putin qualified for President of the United States. He is a vile, despicable manipulative bastard, but he is a competent vile, despicable, manipulative bastard.

And with that snark I bid you a good day.

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Insecurity Ain’t Nice.

UC San Diego’s Jane Willenbring pleased that the change is made

Source: Sexual harassment case leads to renaming of glacier in Antarctica – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Coupled with jealousy it’s a real pain.

Guess maps will have to be updated now.

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Why we stick to false beliefs: Feedback trumps hard evidence: New study finds that feedback rather than hard evidence makes us more confident that we’re right — ScienceDaily

Ever wonder why flat earthers, birthers, climate change and Holocaust deniers stick to their beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary? New findings suggest that feedback, rather than hard evidence, boosts people’s sense of certainty when learning new things or trying to tell right from wrong.

Source: Why we stick to false beliefs: Feedback trumps hard evidence: New study finds that feedback rather than hard evidence makes us more confident that we’re right — ScienceDaily

We like being right. Even when we are right about being long, for we are a species to feels safest when we’re certain.

Being uncertain scares us, and we’ll do most anything to avoid having to admit to error. It can take a lot of hard work to get us to admit error, and God forbid we ever have to confess to anything that just had to be true.

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I’m Feeling Better

Today I got a fan from the Alpha Project, and I’ve started work on the DJ outline. Where the latter is concerned I’ve got studying to, and it looks to have a lot of levels to it.

For instance, just in the chapter on encounters I’ll be covering subjects such

  1. What
  2. Why
  3. Where
  4. Personality
  5. Friendliness
  6. Hostility
  7. Need
  8. Desire

And other such things. In DJ encounters will not mean automatic aggression, but rather what both parties are looking for. As an example, a guide based on the Second World War the players may meet a group of friendly Gestapo Men and have trouble with hostile Marquis. Why? That is for them to find out. And for them to be cautious and not assume. Speculation is welcome.

As always donations are welcome, and should you have to be local a couple half gallons of milk—but not butter milk—would do me a world of good.

My fridge is too small for gallon sized jugs.

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Teaching our Young

Yesterday I was coming home on the bus after getting a chore done. We get to our stop and I and a number of other passengers start to get off.

Only to be rushed by a pack of teenagers just out of school. Kids I expect who are courteous and well behaved when supervised. But that’s when supervised—my emphasis.

Children 14, 15, even 16 years old are still children. Thoughtless, heedless, impulsive. They’re not adults and are incapable of acting like adults without an adult around to wake them up. Hell, at their age they can’t even fake it.

So I got their attention, and now aware that there were people getting off, they let us off. Once they were aware they could act responsible.

But we assume they are adults like us. We assume they have adult capabilities and adult capacities, and that they can be responsible for themselves. An attitude that gets parents arrested for providing liquor to minors. It’s an abrogation of responsibilities.

A responsibility we all have, for we know things and are capable of things the kids are not. And to be honest with you, they are our responsibility.

And the man asked, “Who then is my son?”

And the Preacher replied saying, ” Once a lad of 15 was sent for some items his father needed at work. On his way to get those items he fell in with other boys his age who counselled wicked things. Having no one there to guide him he joined his fellows in mischief.

“Upset many they did, and there were many who reviled them, who cursed them. But being heedless youth the boys continued with their acts.

“Until, that is, one man stopped our youth and asked him, ‘Are you not Michael, son of Robert the Tailor? What are you doing here with these ruffians when I know your father had a chore for you to do? For I know that my friend Robert is not into raising fools.’

“So once having chided the boy he sent the child on his way, and after a sharp word to the others he tagged along after Michael, for the purpose of keeping an eye on him.

“In time they came to the boy’s destination. By which time the two were engaged in conversation, for Michael was a smart kid and caught on quickly to what was going on around him. His father’s materials obtained Michael headed back home, promising to be responsible.

“Now who would you say was the boy’s father?”

And the man replied, “Why, the one who take responsibility for him.”

And said the Preacher, “Be you like him.

Isn’t it about time we started taking responsibility for those who can’t take responsibility?

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The Background

My troubles all begin when I was staying at The Bridge at 16th and Newton here in San Diego. I was ill and needed to sit down. The staff at The Bridge didn’t believe I was ill, and ended up throwing me out. A few days later I was at Paradise Valley Hospital in National City suffering from afib and a few other conditions. In the meantime I had lost the modem I had gotten from AT&T.

I could’ve asked for medical help at the Bridge, I didn’t. They could’ve asked if maybe there was something wrong with me, they didn’t. In as much as they held responsibility for my health and well being while I stayed at their facility, their actions and behaviors in my mind border on the criminal. But I haven’t the resources to bring charges against those responsible.

Now I have to make sure AT&T knows our agreement is terminated, and raise the money I’ll need to pay rent. Thus this plea.

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Yep, I’m in Trouble

Found out who the problem is, which means I get to make sure my account with AT&T is closed so they won’t go digging into my bank account.

It also means that what with bank fees and all I’m going to be overdrawn by some $500 dollars, and that means I won’t be able to afford rent. And me just a few months from getting an apartment for something like $300 a month in rent instead of the $670 I pay now.

I’m 64. I have an irregular heart beat. I cost more on the street then I do with my own apartment, but to have an apartment—or even room—I need help with the money at the moment. That’s where you come in. One donation at $500 would do the trick. More at smaller amounts would do as well, but maybe I’ll get lucky. So donate what you can and keep an older fellow off the street.

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