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  1. Hi Alan.

    (Previous comments sent too early)
    I not sure I would rule out mediumship just yet.

    That said, I like where you are going with the new K/S spirituology and your description of the same. It very much goes with my understanding of how a Shaman communicates with spirits as well.

    In Danish the skill has the specific name “Åndemaning”. It means “Spirit summoning” if you translate it directly. The Å is pronounced AS The O in Octopus and The D is silent.

    PS: My last name is with an e not o. It means the same (Son of Hans), however determines if the name is from Denmark, or Sweden. 🙂

    • I can see how you would see mediumship as useful to the shaman, but the way we tend to see how mediumship is used tells me we need to use another term for what the shaman does. The shaman is just not a medium and really shouldn’t be treated as such

  2. And I like “andemaning”, It’s foreign, at least around here, and it’s exotic. Though I am thinking about calling the K/S shamanism.

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