I’ve been avoiding this blog, and I owe it to some 5,000 subscribers to write something here. But now, fortunately, I’m getting things dealt with, starting with an exam with my new urologist regarding my kidneys.

My appointment is on August 28th, and just two days after setting it I learned that my clinics insists I get an appointment to have my kidneys dealt with. Such a coincidence. That said, my kidneys are dealt with I’ll have the energy I need to actually do things. Such as post to this blog and get work done on a project or two.

So things are looking up.

It’s Growing

I’m currently working on what I thought was going to be a blog post, but which is turning into something a bit bigger. Right now I’m writing it long hand into a composition book, after which it will be typed up and formatted in MS Word, then converted to a PDF and that embedded in a post. So I am working on this blog, but it’s taking me awhile.

The essay is on an old subject with me, that of magick in a world where magick works. In addition, I have something to say of how science applies to working magick. But to understand that it helps to know just how science works, and that I will cover in this essay.

Hope to get it to you soon.

What We Think We Think

Source: Postmodernism – Wikipedia,

The essay I linked to above goes into what the author understands about postmodernism to some detail, but as I understand it what it comes down to is, we can’t really understand it.

Not in its entirety. Not to any totality. For we are a limited animal that really can’t handle all that much stuff, not to any real great degree. And to make matters even worse, we can’t really understand what others understand. Not really, for our ability to communicate is flawed and there is really no way for us to truly inform each other. Your Christianity is not my Christianity, for what you learned, what you know, what you understand cannot be what I know, learned, or understand. You get right down to it your version of Christianity can have but one member, and that is you. Unless, that is, there is an omniscient God, in which case He would constitute the second member of your religion is so much as he can understand how you understand.

As I understand it, postmodernism says that we can’t really know. Not completely. Our understanding, our knowledge is provisional, and depends a great deal on what we can know and on how we can know it. That said, it is possible to take things too far, for there are those who say that we can not know anything, and that what we think we know is wrong. If that’s your case, I don’t think it means what you think it means.

Our knowledge is imperfect. So far as that is true we are wrong. But what we know and how we know it can be tested. It can be verified. Years ago I read the account of a naturalist who did a study of a mated pair of ravens in New England. After one year of study he had came to certain conclusions about them and thought his work was done. But then he continued the study for another year. After the second year of study he came to another conclusion, that his first conclusion was wrong. You get right down to it, the most important word in a scientist’s vocabulary is, “Oops.” This naturalist found himself saying “oops”, for he had been in error. And the lesson I learned is that you can never conclude a study, for as long as you do a study you will learn where, when, and just how you are wrong. As somebody once observed about subjects in a biology experiment, once set up and running the organism will do what it damn well feels like. You get right down to it, regardless of the field of science everything is probabilistic and nothing can ever truly be deterministic. You want simplicity you’ve got to dig deep.

That is how I understand matters and it should give you some idea of where I’m coming from when I write about matters. I can’t rea lly know how I know things, and I rather doubt anybody can. At the best I can do no better than to let you know what I’m thinking, and to give you some idea of how I came to that conclusion. Though I must ask that you remember that there will be times when I will find myself saying “oops” and correcting my errors when I become aware of them. Then correcting my corrections when I learn that they are wrong. For we are a flawed animal and perfection can never be a part of us.

Well, Hello

I’m getting subscribers. Boy am I getting subscribers. Some 576 of ’em, and that because they saw something here that encouraged them to subscribe. I have no idea what exactly because they don’t write.

So I guess I’ll just have to write.

I Like This

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This is a WordPress plugin, what it does is it allows you to craft and post a book or books on your site. Of course, you do need to pay a fee to do the latter.

Of course, I do get a commission for each license bought, and I could use the money. That said, I do like what BookPress does and may soon have a book up here. So if you are open to self-publishing and you use WordPress give BookPress a try.

Playing Around

And Why Exactly?

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Because I’m trying out a new plugin, which doesn’t look like it was written by a competent coder. For text columns you need to use CSS, and not HTML. But HTML is traditional, and young adults are so damn conservative in so many ways.

It’s the 21st century, time to update.

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