Still Hoping

At this time I have raised $90 of the $1000 I'll need for a scooter, still have $910 more to go. You can please help

In other news I'm going into the hospital to prepare for the operation to get that kidney stone removed.… More to come


I've got things to do, but at the moment I need to crash for a bit. In good news my room has gotten cleaned up, and tomorrow the ladies here will be coming in to check on me. And while all that is going on I'll be expanding my audience.… More to come

The Heck With It

What I have decided to do is to say the heck with setting up a wiki, instead I'll be writing up the books using the Nisus app, and then formatting them using Indesign. That will then get "printed" as a PDF and the PDFs embedded into this blog.… More to come

How I do Fret

Another fortnight until I have that operation on Feb. 18th. Then I get the last kidney stone removed, and the stents they installed earlier as well. Means I may well stop seeing blood in my urine and being able to recover from the things.… More to come

With Classic

A Header

This was done using the classical editor. For me it was a much simpler task, since I only had one "box" to deal with and matters such as headers and paragraphs could be handled in this one box.

State of the Word 2019 Recap: All Roads Lead to the Block Editor – WordPress Tavern

If there was one common theme in Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word address this year at WordCamp U.S., it was that all roads lead to the block editor. His speech was primarily about blocks, …

Source: State of the Word 2019 Recap: All Roads Lead to the Block Editor – WordPress Tavern

I can understand Matt's enthusiasm for Guttenberg, it is tech indeed, but for me it's just TMGS (Too Much Good Stuff).… More to come


I thought I'd install BuddyPress to this site only to learn that something is preventing this. I install and activate and get a page telling me that something has gone wrong.. But I get nothing in email about this. And nothing about registering for the forum at the BuddyPress site.More to come

My Avatar

I've switched themes for two reasons; 1st; because this theme is simple and 2nd; because of the avatar used to represent me. I have over 6,000 subscribers, and each is represented by a cartoon cat. I like cats and at least in my case I think he is a good representation of me.… More to come

Let’s be Honest

Gutenberg is not an editor, Gutenberg is a page builder. You can use it to make posts, but that's not it purpose. Not in all actuality. And we could use a more capable editor than the old classical. Something that will make it easier to craft and shape a post to make it easier to read and have an impact on the audience.… More to come

Not so Fast

Turns out the character who put together the interface for Apple News is a Microsoft Reject. The interface is just a bitch. So I won't be publishing through AN.

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