This Time For Sure

I Hope

In Infinite Adventures a persona may carry up to his PTrait as a ratio of his weight. So should he have a PTrait of 133 and a weight of 240 he would then be able to carry 1.33 x 240, or 319 pounds.… More to come

Messing With Things


What I'm doing here is I'm working on adding a mechanism to Infinite Adventures, and role playing systems in general. It comes down to this, it ha occurred to me that certain guide designers really don't want to be bothered with messy matter such s stamina and endurance, so I have decided to correct this matter.… More to come

A Notion


I'm reading through Champions Complete from Hero Games and I got this idea. I don't exactly remember where I saw this, but it seems that should a character take so much damage in a single attack he suffers an effect.… More to come

Bigfoot sighting? Traffic cameras in Washington State capture sasquatch-like figure

WASHINGTON — Could it be? The Washington State Department of Transportation released photos of what looks to be Sasquatch. In a tweet, WSDOT mentioned it isn’t superstitious, just a little stitous when they posted photos of a Bigfoot-like figure walking along State Route 20 and Sherman Pass.

More to come

Bigfoot Hoax

In 1967, Roger Patterson claimed he captured Bigfoot on film. But does the evidence point toward a giant ape or a man in an ape suit? Join a team of detectives as they revisit the age-old mystery.

Source: Bigfoot Hoax

What I'm seeing here is people lying, flat out lying.… More to come


According to a story I recently ran across online researchers at Oxford checked out the DNA found in some hair and discovered that some of it was actually from a bear. There were also raccoon and even a cow, but the impression I get is not certain parties didn't do their work.… More to come


I'm so ready to see Zuckerberg and his crowd stuck into the bottom of the Challenger Deep, and filmed as the bodies are devoured by worms. Every damn Saturday I can't get access FaceBook thanks to code monkeys just futzing around with the platform.… More to come

At the Moment

My head is spinning. Not really all that spectacularly, but still it's spinning. And I've got an operation coming up on Tuesday, the 18th of Feb. I need sleep and I could use soup and a sandwich. A mobility scooter to get around on would help.… More to come


You've heard about the Wuhan Virus by now I bet, but have you heard anything about the current flu virus? Seems there's a second strain of the flu going about, and last I've heard it has caused some 10,000 deaths. It's big news in the medical field, and here in San Diego the local hospitals have run short on space because of new cases.… More to come

For Me

For me this is simpler. This post was drafted and composed using the Classical Editor. All that I needed could be found using the CE, headers, formatting, columns, widgets, and sidebars. No need to install what about to extraneous blocks. Just so much easier for me to handle.… More to come

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