Just Too Much

I’m having a crisis. At the moment I’m getting the news some necessary matters are not being dealt with, and that thanks to one party I don’t appear to qualify for a program I do need in order to function.

That party is my doctor, my primary care physician. The first problem I see him having is his unwillingness to understand and appreciate the problems afib presents to an older man like me. With the autism I find it hard to take care of myself, and he won’t listen to that. So when I’m done with that I’m going to see about getting a new doctor.

After that I’ll be looking into seeing a counselor or therapist on an emergency basis, to see if they can help. I may end up hospitalized, but then again the way the mental health industry is acting that may be the worst thing that can happen.

Sorry to gloom your day, but I just had to get this out.

For Today

For my brigade of fans the news today is that I’m doing well considering, but things do need to get straightened out.

My pharmacist needs to talk with my primary care doctor. I’m also supposed to see a pulmonologist in addition to a vein specialist, a psychiatrist, and a urologist. I should be seeing my PCD on June 18th, I hope.

Other than that I need to sleep better and eat better. And I need to get in touch with the people who provided me with my cpap. The pulmonary specialist is a part of all that. What you’re seeing here is an example of an ounce of prevention being cheaper than a pound of cure. But we tend to be pound wise and penny foolish, so we end up in massive debt.

OTOH, my hips and knees aren’t really bothering me right now, so that’s good news. In any case I’m now off to see how many subscribers I now have.

Some People

A former business manager for late Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee was arrested Saturday in Arizona on charges including elder abuse, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Source: Stan Lee’s former manager arrested on elder abuse charges

Some people just have to control the lives of others. Most especially the lives of those they have been put in charge of. Said abuser was just a common bigot and convinced that he was better than Stanley. Though I suspect that it was fear of growing old and dependent on others himself that shaped his behavior. Just remember that one day you may well be old yourself and in need of assistance. And that the old are still worth your consideration.

‘Bout Time

The training is part of countywide effort to transform how the justice system responds to those with mental illness

Source: County to fund de-escalation, mental health crisis training for officers – The San Diego Union-Tribune

This is really nothing new, San Diego has long had what is know as the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT), but they are not always available, and are often overwhelmed. What our DA is proposing sounds to me like the city will be applying the training given to those on the PERT team to all officers, and even when medical personnel aren’t available at least the cops will know who to call when faced with a mental health crisis.

Of course it means spending money, but better I say to spend a little on prevention to a lot on cleaning up after a death or major injury.

So a thumb’s up to DA Summer Stephens and I hope this means a safer world for those in crisis and the officers called on to handle them.

Oh the Impact

A new brain-computer interface device can translate the neural signals controlling someone’s vocal tract into full sentences of audible speech.

Source: Amazing Device Turns Thoughts Into Audible Sentences

Now think of this out in the wild. It may be for those who can’t really speak for themselves at the moment, but I can see certain parties forcing others to wear something like it to keep track of what they’ve thinking. Fortunately, at the moment it can really only handle those who sort of mumble, but with further development the machines’ capability could extend to actually translated the thoughts that don’t get “voiced”.

In free societies this is likely to be strictly regulated. In despotic, Saudi Arabia for instance, widely embraced. And even where rights are respected there will be those who cheat.

But then it is very likely that most despots will soon learn that you just can’t keep track of everyone’s thought. They’ll have to focus on those they have reason to suspect.

And it just occurred to me that we will be seeing scams claiming that parents will be able to eavesdrop on the thoughts of their teens. More tension and strife, just what families don’t need.

But Then

A driver in Silicon Valley intentionally plowed his car into a crowd of people because he thought at least some of them were Muslim, authorities said Friday.

Source: Driver crashed into people because he thought they were Muslim, police say – The San Diego Union-Tribune

We can be so insecure. Sometimes it mean we persecute and oppress people we despise, other times a person will do what he can to cause physical harm.

I’ll bet that there was something going on in the perp’s life, and that he did what he did because he couldn’t handle what he was going through. The incident in question was him trying to divert attention from his problems and it resulted in injury and may have meant a death. There is more coming in this story, and I can only hope we see all the victims recover.

Back in the Office Chair Again

The fellow’s name is Ed Anderson. I know him through Facebook, but he doesn’t appear to have a web site of his own. Ed is the guy who has encouraged me to get back to work on the Dangerous Journeys SRD. At the moment I’m making progress on the Persona chapter, having gotten up to the start of the section on determining statistics. There is tons more to do, and it will get done. If you feel like helping you can make a donation using the button just below.

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They would help with my getting an iMac, which is designed for artistic types like me. Expect the Persona chapter to get posted here soon.


After reports circulated last week that President Donald Trump had pushed for a policy that would release undocumented immigrants into sanctuary cities, Trump appeared to attempt to put the policy in practice via Twitter on Monday.

Source: Trump attempts to enact plan that would send immigrants to sanctuary cities via Twitter

Why, thank you Mr. President. We could use people like this, people with foresight and initiative. People who want a better life for themselves and their families. People willing to take action against oppression and persecution, and you’re sending them to places open to their arrival and eager to see them succeed.

They will add so much to the culture and economy of their new homes, opening new businesses, introducing us to the arts and foods of their old homes. In time now depressed areas may well see an infusion of industry as the derelict is replaced by the vibrant and the infusion of hope sees us responding in kind.

In addition, in about a generation we should see a new political vitality become established, as the voice of progress and civil engagement is renewed and our problems are addressed by those happy to see that their efforts will not be as oppressed as they were in the old land. I mean, we can’t be as bad as their former governments. I mean, we’re not going to but up with it, and our efforts will be supported by our new immigrants.

Expect new leaders to arise from the refugees. Expect them to take advantage of the opportunities they will find in this land . Expect them to succeed, and through that success encourage success amongst their new neighbors. You may well be remembered in the future as the man who revitalized the U.S. and gave us hope renewed. I know you were hoping to see things go very badly for us and them, but keep in mind that your desires to do ill can well result in great good happening to your enemies.

Such an Adventure

Just had a week in the hospital. This time around it turns out that Mercy in Hillcrest and the UCSD Medical Center were busy with  rash of flu cases, so I went to Sharp Memorial in Kearny Mesa. They learned that my heart was fibbing and going a tad too fast. So they decided to keep me and and fiddle a bit with my meds.

Last Saturday they were finally satisfied, so I got to go home. On Monday I’m getting new medicine, and I get to schedule a follow up with my cardiologist. Then I’ve got more things to get for my room.

I’m going to be busy; my kidneys need to be looked at, new meds to take, and I may soon be getting a better walker for long distance ambles. But, I do feel better. Though the really big thing is going to be lining up a new psychiatrist and switching to an antidepressant that should be better for me. Though at the moment I’m amazed there are great and great-great grand parents out there.

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