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Scientists have developed a way to wirelessly deliver electricity to moving objects, technology that could one day charge electric vehicles and personal devices like medical implants and cell phones.Source: Wireless […]

The $250 Hangprinter system aims to bring power to the people in the high-stakes realm of 3D printing.Source: Open-Source Prototype Turns Any Room Into a 3D Printer – SeekerYou’re about […]

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Source: Dangerous Journeys | Engine and Guides

I’ve decided to go into online publishing using WordPress as the platform, and the CommentarySandbox plugin for presentation. This is a work in progress and at the moment there really isn’t much there. But there will be. 0

Source: Experimental US Military Spaceplane the ‘Phantom Express’ to Be Built by Boeing – SeekerAt the moment the coming space plane uses a conventional rocket, and they are finicky beasts. […]

Scientists have assembled a kind of organic circuit board for living computers by building logic gates within cells.Source: Living Cell Circuits Could Regrow Organs and Produce Biofuels – SeekerThis looks […]