The Good News Is

Soon, I do hope, my iMac will be arriving at my door. The bad news is, until it does arrive I’ll be stuck using this piece of crap. I’ve got news for some people, your equipment don’t need to be so dang sensitive.

I’ll just bet that there’s a circle of Hell just for those who accept bad advice, and in it the inhabitants are perpetually in the dark.


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Source: Planck length – Wikipedia

I’m starting with the basics here, namely the shortest possible length there can be. Known as the Planck Length, it a dinky little bit of volume which we’ll call a “quantum”. A quantum being a sphere of 3 dimensions no greater than one Planck Length in height, width, and depth. Our universe is made up of quanta, and those quanta come in one of two states, the low energy “flat” and the high energy “fold”.

Space-Time can neither be created or destroyed, only switched from one state to the other. In addition, ST can only be in a fold state when it is sufficiently compressed. When there is no compression then there can be no folds.

In addition, in as much as the universe is one solid sphere of space-time the quanta within can’t move in and of themselves. But the states can. What that means is, a fold state can “hop” from quantum to quantum, with one quantum “unfolding” and the next in the path of “motion” “enfolding”. However, quanta resist change, and it is this resistance that disturbs the quanta around the fold in “motion”. At this level it is this disturbance which produces the force we call “gravity”.

There is more to be said on the forces, but for now we’ll leave it at that.

That Phrase You Keep Using

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating religious discrimination claims against two airports because plans for Chick-fil-A restaurants were scrapped after complaints about the fast food chain’s stance on LGBTQ issues.

Source: FAA investigating two airports where Chick-fil-A restaurants were excluded

Now I have to conclude that barring a party for its stance on anything where a government facility is concerned is not right. Something about making no law regarding the establishment of religion. But, at the same time for a representative of a company to say they aren’t out to oppress a party when they damn well are, tells me that the company in question cannot be trusted. As Jesus of Nazareth once said, “Make your ‘yes’ a ‘yes;’ and your ‘no’ a ‘no’. In short, speak honestly.

When the consequences of an action means harm to another, than supporting that action in any fashion means you support it.

Some People

A former business manager for late Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee was arrested Saturday in Arizona on charges including elder abuse, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Source: Stan Lee’s former manager arrested on elder abuse charges

Some people just have to control the lives of others. Most especially the lives of those they have been put in charge of. Said abuser was just a common bigot and convinced that he was better than Stanley. Though I suspect that it was fear of growing old and dependent on others himself that shaped his behavior. Just remember that one day you may well be old yourself and in need of assistance. And that the old are still worth your consideration.

Some People Just Need to Control

The Department of Homeland Security is being sued for ignoring Freedom of Information Act Request

Source: Dept. of Homeland Security Gets Sued by NBC 7 San Diego and Reporters Committee – Photography is Not a Crime

This is an example of what you get when certain parties just have to be in charge of things, especially when they just don’t have the competence to be in charge. David Brin is right when he says we need transparency where our government is concerned, and what we’re seeing here is an example of this. This is grade C tyranny and I say it’s about time we spoke out and let the petty despots know we’re not going to put up with it.

An Observation

Has it ever occurred to you that the relationship between humans and other animals is that of the one between adults and children? We talk of maturation, but just how much maturing do non-humans do? For that matter, what about some humans, Donald Trump for example?

And non-humans recognize this relationship and when they can relate to us relate to us as they would to a parent. Just watch the videos showing raccoons and red foxes interacting with a human, and compare them with how horses and goats interact. It comes down to this, we are grownups, and that gives us responsibilities.

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