donate monthlydonate once only $25 (p/m) $50 (p/m) $100 (p/m) Other (p/m)    I need a hearing aid, but since it’s only my left ear that is damaged the state […]

I am actually making progress on Mythus.In bad news the fraud who was supposed to give me a heart exam essentially called me a liar. We’re talking about a lazy […]

Source: Dangerous Journeys – Engine and GuidesTurns out that a certain plugin didn’t have what I was looking for, so I got rid of it and switched to another theme […]

Engine and Guides

Source: Dangerous Journeys | Engine and Guides

I’ve decided to go into online publishing using WordPress as the platform, and the CommentarySandbox plugin for presentation. This is a work in progress and at the moment there really isn’t much there. But there will be. 0