Trump defense: Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’ not impeachable

Trump's defenders relied on retired professor Alan Dershowitz, a member of their team, who told senators that every politician conflates his own interest with the public interest. "It cannot be impeachable,” he declared.

Source: Trump defense: Ukraine 'quid pro quo' not impeachable

Mr.… More to come

I Was Wrong

I looked up the subject of the Electoral College and learned that in the 2016 Presidential Election it did indeed work as it was intended. Which is why it failed in it's avowed purpose.

The Electoral College was a compromise, and as a compromise it was and is an example of bigotry in action.… More to come

Kaiser mental health workers begin five-day strike

The union representing mental health professionals at Kaiser Permanente facilities in San Diego and across the state hit the picket lines Monday for a five-day strike amid a continued labor standoff.

Source: Kaiser mental health workers begin five-day strike

And this in contrast to their other workers.… More to come

These Adorable 3D-Printed Houses Could Solve Homelessness

Nonprofit New Story has unveiled the first 3D-printed houses in what will eventually be a community boasting 50 of the unique homes.

Source: These Adorable 3D-Printed Houses Could Solve Homelessness

This would be good news if we could agree on a small matter, regulatory approval.… More to come

What If?

What if Trump is right, that his request that Ukraine look into Hunter Biden's role on a board of directors for a Ukrainian company had nothing to do with the blockage of aid to the republic? That there was no quid pro quo?… More to come

You Want Sufficient Cause?

In the case of the impeachment of Donald John Trump we have it. No, not the extortion or any bribery, our grounds for impeachment is obstruction of justice. President Trump has flat out forbidden people to testify before the committee involved in the process.… More to come

We Are the Enemy

At the present time here in California we're having wildfires. In most every story I've seen on the matter the blame is being put on the utility companies, with not a word being said on the private individual's responsibility in the matter.… More to come

A Suggestion

That we criminalize greed. We would have four degrees of criminal greed, these being...

  1. Greed in the third degree: Charging $8 for a gallon of milk for example.
  2. Greed in the second degree: The small front wheels on a folding cart for example.
More to come

Wait For It

I have the feeling the current front runners in the Democratic Party are going to be gone and forgotten by the end of January 2020. Why? Because we're going to get bored with them.

Let's get real here, modern journalism is infested with the greedy and lazy.… More to come

This is Frustrating.

Back when I was about your age the cybernetic community was planning on what they were calling The World Wide Web. The assumption was that by keeping the system "loose" they would thereby make it nearly impossible for the Web to be interrupted.… More to come

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