Just Too Much

I’m having a crisis. At the moment I’m getting the news some necessary matters are not being dealt with, and that thanks to one party I don’t appear to qualify for a program I do need in order to function.

That party is my doctor, my primary care physician. The first problem I see him having is his unwillingness to understand and appreciate the problems afib presents to an older man like me. With the autism I find it hard to take care of myself, and he won’t listen to that. So when I’m done with that I’m going to see about getting a new doctor.

After that I’ll be looking into seeing a counselor or therapist on an emergency basis, to see if they can help. I may end up hospitalized, but then again the way the mental health industry is acting that may be the worst thing that can happen.

Sorry to gloom your day, but I just had to get this out.

And On It Comes

I thought I was going to do things, but then the melt down hit. Not a major melt down, but still something I can’t ignore or override. Speaking as an autistic we may glow, but that glow can be blinding. So it’s off to chill and let this pass.


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At present I have some 4,000 subscribers to this blog. If each one donated just $1 then I’d have enough for an iMac and I wouldn’t have to put up with the piece of shit I’m currently using. At $5 each I’d be able to get a scooter to ride around on, better clothes, and other stuff.

Ladies and gents, if you like what I present here feel free to encourage me.

This is Ground?

Use your UPS InfoNotice® or tracking number to get the latest package status and estimated delivery date.

Source: Tracking Details | UPS

I can only conclude that this went by air. It will make it from Vernon CA by truck, but you never know.

It’s Growing

I’m currently working on what I thought was going to be a blog post, but which is turning into something a bit bigger. Right now I’m writing it long hand into a composition book, after which it will be typed up and formatted in MS Word, then converted to a PDF and that embedded in a post. So I am working on this blog, but it’s taking me awhile.

The essay is on an old subject with me, that of magick in a world where magick works. In addition, I have something to say of how science applies to working magick. But to understand that it helps to know just how science works, and that I will cover in this essay.

Hope to get it to you soon.

The Good News Is

Soon, I do hope, my iMac will be arriving at my door. The bad news is, until it does arrive I’ll be stuck using this piece of crap. I’ve got news for some people, your equipment don’t need to be so dang sensitive.

I’ll just bet that there’s a circle of Hell just for those who accept bad advice, and in it the inhabitants are perpetually in the dark.


I honestly and truly could use a donation of $20.00 US. This will insure I do have the money for a refurbished Mac. Thank you.

(And I really do need to replace this POS HP.)

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And then I get a deposit of a penny short of $40, so I’m safe. But if you feel like donating I won’t complain.

The Duchy d’Falcondonia


The Duchy of Falcondonia in Vargaaard on Ærth was established in 125> (Before Atlantl’s Fall, our 875AD) by the court of Charlemagne at the site of a Basque fishing village at the mouth of the Riviere d’Lenape (our Delaware River). For the most part the colonists were from what is now Provence in modern France, with the Atlantl Lenape providing the bulk of the native population. Relations with the natives was good to begin with, and soon the two populations had largely integrated, with Lenape notables providing additional aristocracy and nobility to supplement what the Franks provided. In a few generations contact was made with towns and villages further inland, and it was not long before what is now Eastern Falcondonia had been organized under Frankish rule.

The Lenape and other nations had long ago adopted what was then Frankish culture, and had even gone so far as to integrate Greco-Roman deities into their beliefs. It wasn’t long until the Frankish colonists had embraced the various native spirits and minor deities into their worship and incorporated local rituals and rites. Indeed, stories and myths of Jupiter’s involvement of the creation of the Lenape and Massachusets quickly appeared, and Mercury and Raven were soon gallivanting about pulling tricks, delivering messages, and riling up the weather with their athletic fornication.

Enter the Mohawk

At this time the Mohawk were an independent nation not yet part of the Haunosanee. An aggressive bunch, the Skraeling greatly resent the presence of the Franks in what they considered their territory, and soon the tribe and the new Frankish county were at odds, with both sides taking part in atrocities and crimes. Lenape/Mohawk relations before the founding of Falcondonia didn’t help matters any either. At one point there was talking of Charlemagne himself coming to Vargaard to lead an expedition to crush and extirpate the Mohawk, but dealing with a Saxon rebellion in the eastern part of the Frankish empire made that impossible.

The Æropan Lenape

About a generation after the Franks arrived to establish Falcondonia (c95>) the Atlantl Lenape and allied tribes and clans had decided to join other Lenape ex-patriots already living in the Frankish Empire, most especially in the Loire Valley and the Vosges, where they have pretty much integrated into the local population. In fact their appearance is now large that of the western White, though they are noted for distinctive “Skraeling” traits. In fact they are renown for the quality of their cattle and horses, while the Falcondonian Kentuck are famed for their zebromegas, raised on Kentuck bluegrass.

So There You Have it

That is a brief look at the Falcondonia of Ærth’s Vargaard. Soon, I hope, I’ll be presenting a look at the early relations between Falcondonia and the early Haunosanee.

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