Trump defense: Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’ not impeachable

Trump's defenders relied on retired professor Alan Dershowitz, a member of their team, who told senators that every politician conflates his own interest with the public interest. "It cannot be impeachable,” he declared.

Source: Trump defense: Ukraine 'quid pro quo' not impeachable

Mr.… More to come

I Was Wrong

I looked up the subject of the Electoral College and learned that in the 2016 Presidential Election it did indeed work as it was intended. Which is why it failed in it's avowed purpose.

The Electoral College was a compromise, and as a compromise it was and is an example of bigotry in action.… More to come

Just Checked

And it seems I have some 8,228 subscribers to this blog of mine. I don't know why, they won't tell me, but I suspect there are people out there who actually like what I post here. Oh, and at least one actually has a reputation.… More to come

Just Too Long

Including today it's too damn many days until I get paid. Anticipation does make you wait, and that's the hard part about it. I need to get off this damn hill. I also need to get cleaned up, the last kidney stone removed, and a good hot shower.… More to come


At this moment I thought I'd describe a pair of terms for you. You'd likely call them definitions, but I prefer the term description.

Role Playing System (RPS): A set of mechanics used in running a Role Playing Guide (RPG) for players.… More to come

Feed Me.

I need money for food. Enough to pay for enough to cover the minimum necessary for free delivery. I especially need milk, sports drinks, and vitamin water. Donate what you can.

More to come

Modest Medusa

Snake girls are cool too!

Source: Modest Medusa

I'll bet the mermaid has gotten a position on a research vessel and is now employed guiding deep water probes and the like. Which leads to this question; How would you expect her to be employed in her work?… More to come


At this moment I'm preparing to go back into the hospital to get an errant stone out of my left kidney. Which also includes getting the stents out of the ureta and urethra from said kidney to the release port. Once that is done I can expect my urine to go to clear yellow and my need to urinate to become much less.… More to come

I’m home, And I’m Bushed

At the moment I'm recovering from the operation, and my autism isn't helping any. I am anxious, I am frustrated, and I am fretting something awful.

But the good news is, I don't really have any pain. Oh, I have aches and twitches, but no real pain.… More to come

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