Your Understanding?

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 Introduction What I present here is my understanding of RPGs, what most of you know of as Role Playing games, though I prefer to refer to them as Role Playing Guides. My reasons are simple and straight forward, for what I see is not what so many of you say…

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Phenomenology 2: Making it go – YouTube

Now as I’m listening to this it occurs to me that what Edwards to doing is describing what Tolkien was describing in his scene with Eru and his chorus at the very beginning of his Silmarillion. Essentially what Tolkien is doing is what the guide in an RPG does, present…

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Discuss: Phenomenology | Adept Play

Source: Discuss: Phenomenology | Adept Play First, be sure you listen to the whole thing. He does go into some detail, and it really is a subject you need to take in and think about.. The main focus, as far as I can tell, is that there are two main…

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