You’ve heard of it, saying of someone or something that they have things in common even when they don’t. And quite often this stereotyping is an attempt by the party in question to reassure himself in spite of the fact that the stereotype hasn’t an ounce of validity to it.

And quite often the stereotyping is an attempt by one to present matters that really don’t apply in any shape or form.

Take domestication for example, a condition we really don’t understand. As I understand it, domestication is that state where an animal is comfortable with humans and has no trouble associating with them. One famous example is the dog, another the cat. But they’re not alone. There are examples of domesticated foxes, koalas, and a number of other. There is the California Grey Fox, which was domesticated before the white man came. But there are experts who insist the California Grey Fox can’t be domesticated because foxes just can’t be domesticated.

And that’s the thing to note about stereotyping, the bigotry. Those who stereotype have to be right, for being wrong is an attack on their ego.

And I’m getting worn out, so I’ll let this go for now.

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