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  1. I started out with Apple IIe, moved to an Apple IIGS, and then went to PC fo (mainly coding) reasons – used PC at work, and wrote PC-specific code as a result. Two years ago, I bought a new Mac, 27 inch retina display, and haven’t looked back. So glad I moved off the PC!

    Even better, was at a local donation store, and they had just gotten an old MacBook Pro. Got it for 150 bucks, installed the OS, and gave it to my wife. Even tho it won’t run the newest MacOS, it runs better than her Windoze 10 (spelling intentional) machine, and she is very happy.

    Once she is more comfortable on the Mac, she gave me the OK to buy her a new one.

    Enjoy it, my friend!

    • I expect I will, and thank you for your approval.

      As for Windows, I have a feeling there’s a section of the Circle of Bad Advisers dedicated to those who promoted that OS.

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