To Start With

This chapter really has no rules or even mechanics you must follow. Instead what you have here is my advice, my guidelines on how you might run matters.

Keep in mind that in cases such as what I present here your players will resent you telling them what they have to do, how they must handle matters. Instead what you need to do is just make suggestions they can follow if they wish to, and how they wish to. Most importantly, instead of just telling them what the other is do, play the role. They meet a grumpy old lady, then play a grumpy old lady. In other words, act.

The Basics

For DJ I’ll be setting the following parameters.


Each person they encounter will have one of the three basic personalities; friendly, indifferent, and hostile. Each will also be either reticent or forward. There will also be the matter of how the person in question tends to see others, most especially concerning those of other races or species.

They will also react to how they are treated, so should your plays tend to be hostile and aggressive to those they meet, the people they meet will tend to react accordingly.


At this moment I’m just setting out ideas, what I present here can change, and likely will.


These people will tend to greet the party as if expecting to meet friends. They will be open, but not fools or gullible


These are folks who just don’t care. Indeed, the players may need to get their attention. But they won’t be actively hostile.


These folks are just plain nasty. They don’t always have to be violently hostile, but you do have to tread carefully in their presence.

In Addition

The encounter may be peaceful, or it may be hostile. But even a peaceful encounter can involve a bit of playful violence, while a hostile encounter may just include talking. Conflict can involve conversation after all. At this time I’m going to present a list of how an encounter may go, each with a numerical rating. In addition there will be modifiers helping you set how an encounter is most likely to start.

In the Beginning

When two parties meet let’s assume that attitudes are going to begin at indifferent. That I’ll give a rating of zero. But each side’s basic personality and attitude will adjust it up or down by one or more points.

  • Violently Hostile: -5
  • Aggressively Hostile: -4
  • Rather Hostile: -3
  • Decidedly Hostile: -2
  • Defensively Hostile: -1
  • Indifferent: no change
  • Interested: +1
  • Well Disposed: +2
  • Somewhat Friendly: +3
  • Rather Friendly: +4
  • Glad to Meet You: +5

Now this gives you a basic idea of what the reactions could be like, but I haven’t thought of anything yet.


Now here we’ll be having a brief look at how relations and how different groups see others. But here again I need suggestions and ideas. What I can say is that some people will be hostile to some groups, while others will be friendly. As an example from Ærth, French elves are rather suspicious of and hostile to orcs, while Scottish elves are more well disposed in as much as the Scots have a better understanding of where orcs are coming from.

As a further example, most folks will tend to look upon the Afar Drow with suspicion because they are drow. Those who know them better will be somewhat more trusting, but still somewhat distrusting overall because they are drow—The Afar do tend to be sneaky, underhanded, and sly; but unlike most other drow they’re not really into hurting people just to be hurting them..

Final Note

There’s more to be said on this matter, but first I need to do some thinking. You get any ideas feel free to pass them on.



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