DJ Magick

In DJ castings follow certain laws, those laws being…

  1. Sympathy: That which is seen as appealing or attractive to the subject. Sympathy has the following sub-laws.
    1. Similarity: That which is like the other, though it doesn’t have to be in physical appearance.
    2. Contagion: A matter of once in touch, always in touch. In effect an item in contact with another will take on the other’s characteristics.
  2. Antipathy. Opposed to one another. The sub-laws are…
    1. Dissimilarity: What are unlike another, but not always in appearance.
    2. Repulsion: That which repels another.
    3. Quarantine: Concerned with keeping things separated, apart.
  3. Ritual: The importance of getting it right. For when Casting it Is important for the Caster to get it right, the words, the gestures, the sounds. For when Casting it is intent that important, and it is by getting it right that the Caster can remain focused on his intent and not get distracted or diverted.
  4. Change: That things can change and that they will change. Applies to physical and temporal change. There are two sub-laws.
    1. Metamorphic: Physical change.
    2. Motive: Inducing or stopping motion or change on a temporal basis.
  5. Emanation: On the production and channeling of energy.
  6. Conduction: On the transport of energy and it’s capacity according to the channel.
  7. Obstruction: The blocking of energy.

In addition in religious circles there are the follow Canons of Faith which supplement and somewhat take the place of the laws note above. These canons are:

  1. Initiatorial: The ordinary, the mundane, the material, the natural.
  2. Consecrational: Involving the Preternatural and Elemental.
  3. Sacrosanctional: Positive/Negative Planes.
  4. Numinous: Æthereal forces
  5. Darker Mysteries: Supernatural and Nether.
  6. Radiant Mysteries: Celestial.
  7. Transcendent Mysteries: Entital.
  8. Supernal Mysteries: Panprobable/Temporal.
  9. Hieratic Circle: Astral

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