Schools and Types of Castings.

Where Castings are available sometimes they are divided into various schools mostly organized by what the Castings are designed to do.


Where the handling of Castings is concerned this depends on the guide. In one Castings may need to be created for use at that moment, in another Castings may only be available to those who spend the time studying long established lore. In a third case Castings may come as already designed instructions for Casting, or invented on the spot.


In some cases―especially with Sorcery and Witchcræft, the Casting may be restricted to those who follow a specific ethos, or who have a pact or like sort of agreement with a greater power. In the case of religious magick the restriction can be due to ethos, specific pantheon, and specific deity worshipped and followed within the pantheon in question. Keep in mind that switching Ethos in DJ is rather difficult, for there are powers in the worlds of Dangerous Journeys who are jealous powers indeed. Think of it as a feud of sorts with mortals as the prize.el

Not that you can’t change Ethos, but it is going to be harared, and whatever benefits you may have had following one will not stay with you when you change allegiance.

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