Against STEEP.

Rolls are made against STEEP when a K/S Area applies. For example; Medicine, Western when diagnosing an illness, or Economics when working in a problem in that area. STEEP in a K/S consist of how much the Persona has learned plus a bonus that depends on the relevant Attribute or the average of two Attributes.


In addition, there will be times when having another K/S can help with the one being used. When this happens the K/S being used is being fed by the other K/S. For example, the Botany K/S feeds the Forestry K/S. When a K/S feds, or helps, another it provides 10% of its STEEP. So, Botany at a STEEP of 46 would supply a bonus of 4 points to Forestry. Were Forestry to have a STEEP of 32, then its effective STEEP with the bonus with Botany added would be 36.


On occasion a Persona will not have a K/S Area. Most often this will be one the Persona either did not learn as part of his Vocation, as part of his environment, or as one of the Areas he choose to learn. In those cases he may choose to roll against Trait, Category, or Attribute, as chosen appropriate by the JM.

But note that there are K/S Areas that may only be attempted when the Persona actually has some training or education in it. Any K/S Area that includes Castings for example, in any Guide where Castings are available. Or, any K/S Area requiring some amount of book learning, a course of formal instruction in other words. Astrology and Astronomy are examples of this, even when the milieu has no Castings per se associated with Astrology.

Which is used; Trait, Category, or Attribute; depends on the JM and how he wishes to handle matters. For example, the Persona may be asked to make a roll against Mental Mnemonic to remember something he recently heard about. Or against Physical Neural should he be asked to stand on one foot.


At times two or more Personas may need to cooperate to get a task done. The first thing to do is to determine just how many can cooperate. Where a Physical K/S is involved the number of participants is determine by the size of the object in question. A small box only two people can lay hands on at the same time will naturally mean only those two can cooperate with the box. Where other Areas are concerned the number participating depends on the number of Personas participating, but not all of them can use their full STEEP.

The Persona with the highest STEEP in the relevant K/S gets to add his full STEEP. How much the others in the effort can apply is then determined by the table below.











There will be times when two or more K/S Areas will come into play. First, the Areas must be shown to actually be relevant. Should they be relevant then those using them may apply 10% of their STEEP in the K/S, as if their K/S were feeding the main K/S.

# Participants

How many can actually participate is up to the JM. It may be just two, or it may be as many as a 100 or more. This depends on the situation, the K/S being used, and just how cooperative the Personas can be. The players of course can influence the JM, but it won’t always be a positive influence.


Naturally there will be times when different parties cannot cooperate. Most often this will involve the fighting K/S Areas, though it may apply to others. For instance, the Fighting, Melee K/S will not allow cooperation because of the chaos innate to fighting; just too much going to keep consistent track of.

Though the possession of the Weapons, Special Skills, Teamwork sub-area can allow this, assuming all the parties involved succeed in the task.

Sub-Area Lacked

There will be times when a Persona will not have a sub-area found under a K/S. In such cases he may try the sub-area, but at a penalty of two worse on the DR

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