On this page you will learn how a Persona in DJ is designed and constructed. Note that this is a lengthy procedure, so I would advise a session dedicated to making Personas. In the session I would recommend that the players take the opportunity to introduce their Personae to their fellow players, established relationships, and set their roles within the local community. Think of this as the start of their first adventure, not as something done before the adventures begin.

Persona Creation

Here you will learn the basics of creating a Persona in Dangerous Journeys. These are my recommendations and presented in the order I find best to follow. You don’t have to, but keep in mind that some matters are best dealt with before others, the best to avoid having to correct things.

What is a Persona?

Before we do get started you do need to know what a Persona is. In DJ a Persona is a role taken by player or JM during an adventure.

Your Persona could be most anything; a Merchant in search of luxuries to trade or a Journalist for a small time rag out for scoops to boost the paper’s circulation. Who he is, what he is, is entirely up to you.

The Types of Personae

In Dangerous Journeys there are two basic types; one is the Heroic Persona—HP, which is the role taken by he players.

The other is the Other Persona—OP, who are the roles taken by the JM, and which come in the following sub-types:

  • Friendly Persona—FP: Some one who is friendly to the HPs
  • Evil Persona—EP: Someone who is hostile to the HPs and a rather nasty person when you get right down to it.
  • Heroic Personage—HPG: Some one equivalent to the HPs played by the JM. What another system may call a game master character—GMC.
  • Monstrous Personage—MPG: A major opponent, in many respects the villain.

With all that out of the way we can now go on to Persona creation

Concept and Gender

I’ve put this first because I find that having some idea of who and what you are playing helps a lot. You may decide to play a Professor taking ship to a destination in the Oort Cloud doing research on the report of an object of extra solar origin recently found there, or a Priest seeking allies among the fabled Hopi of Vargaard in the ongoing struggle against the Accursed of Ærth. Could be most any role you feel like playing.

As part of your concept I advise you to decide on your Persona’s gender. At the most basic that is whether you are playing a man or a woman. Of course there are complications, but that you can deal with later.With concept and gender in place the next step will be to determine your Persona’s social class; for socio-economic class—SEC—is the most vital part of any Dangerous Journeys world.

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