The reason for playing any Infinite Adventures guide is to have an adventure. It’s not really to accomplish anything, except as part of having an adventure. For we are an animal who do need to have a reason for what we do. Yet at the same time we don’t need to do something voluntarily. Indeed, most often we find ourselves with something to do because we have to.

Going to the store, paying rent or the mortgage, feeding the kids; primate, canine, and feline, all these are things we need to do. And then there are the times when you are called upon to intervene in a crisis for a complete stranger. For there can’t always be times when you can demand a reward for your service, all you can do is hope there will be some sort of reward later on.

Yet in Infinite Adventures there can be occasions when you can expect a reward. Not always financial. Sometimes social rewards play a big part, what with others learning about you and learning that they can rely on you. In most IA guides your service can lead to an advance in status and rank. And for the most part your performance will lead others to call on you more for your services, will at the same time others will seek to learn how they can help you.

But for the most part you’ll go adventuring because you simply want to get out of the house. Adventures are an excuse. Even when a calamity or crisis calls upon you, it’s still a good excuse. Travel to new lands, meet new people, find things to profit on. And then there’s what you need to do when one adventure is done and complications arise that make your life harder. Cornering the market on wibgat leaf doesn’t mean you can just sit back and laze about. No, for there will always be those looking to cut in on your business.

And then there is the matter of your new reputation. For now you are a target for those who want a reputation of their own, and you’re convenient. Destroy the Dark Lord? Now wanna be Dark Lords are gonna want a piece of you. In the 4th Age of Middle Earth the hobbits of the Shire needed extra protection thanks to all the would be Saurons out there. It ain’t just the one adventure.

But still going on adventures can be fun. People to meet, foes to defeat, goal to attain. And when you’re a young person full of energy being idle can lead to trouble. With an Infinite adventure role playing guide you get a chance to adventure, so long as you don’t insist on any special treatment. So that’s the why, that’ the purpose, that’s the premise. As to what sort of world you’ll be adventuring in, that I’ll deal with later.

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