First Word

The reason for playing any role playing guide is to have an adventure. In an Infinite Adventures guide it is to have an adventure in a particular style of world. That is the sort of world found in old adventure stories from days long ago. Stories of travel to distant places where you meet strange peoples and get involve in events you usually don’t find at home.

Distant places such as the corner drug store. Strange peoples such as your neighbors. Events such as helping an old lady across the street. Each of which could lead to other events you could find yourself dealing with, assuming you have the talent and the skill. For adventure doesn’t always begin as you may think they should.

The drug store may be looking for someone to help with an infestation of boggarts. Your neighbors may need your assistance with fixing their gate to another world. The old lady you help across the street may well be the Queen of the Sidhe, and she’s just run out of Mt. Dew for her games of Runequest.

In the long run your purpose is to get involved, to become engaged. Don’t worry about propriety or anything like that, for most fairy dragons are looking more to be comforted when they’re distressed than otherwise. So put on that old slicker, stomp your feet into those galoshes, and grab your Cane of Pummeling, for you’ve got dragons to rescue from the bossy princess, goblins to help with child care, and troll scouts to teach how to safely set up camp in the urban wilderness.

Final Note

You’ll find a reason to adventure, as long as you don’t insist you can’t. And a mountebank and a merchant can be a nigh unbeatable team.

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