My name is Alan Kellogg, and I am a couple of years older than I was when I took the picture with the camera in my computer. Yes, my hair is unkempt and my beard is scraggly. My eyesight is also extremely myopic and I have bad hearing, especially in my left ear—but try telling the state of California that.

I’m mixed race—West European White with Briton, and likely some Northern European White. And I’m proudly a hybrid of H. sapiens and H. neanderthalensis. I’m also autistic, which does have some benefits along with drawbacks.

My Purpose

I’m a writer. Technically a published writer, but it’s as a self published one—yes, when you put a blog up on the Web you are publishing. Writing and communicating is how I justify my existance, in as much as it can be justified. In short my purpose is to give you things to read, things to think about, and things to talk about.

My purpose is also to revise and rewrite an old role playing game—RPG, which I call a role playing guide—known as Mythus. Mythus being a fantasy RPG by the late Gary Gygax and his friend Dave Newton that was published in 1992. My version of Mythus will be presented here in this blog, mostly because my Autism makes getting it formally published a bitch.

I also intend to blog about other things, both in general and with regards to RPGs, so you can expect at least two categories


I’ll also be fundraising on this site, raising money for things such as food, clothing, and equipment, for being autistic is disabling. Maybe not to you, but I wasn’t taught how to handle the stress of my autism and the world I find myself in. You can use the donation form included


My Goals

Those are:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Office Supplies
  • A Macintosh—and I have a good reason for it.
  • Computer supplies
  • A wifi account with AT&T because they have a program for food stamp/SSI recipients like me.
  • And let me not forget transportation—for I tend to space things thanks to my autism, and $18 a month for a bus pass with all the traveling I need to do per lunum is worth it to me.

That’s Me

I’ve got more to do—told you I space things, and when I get sort of caught up I’ll be posting a bit. I hope you’re doing well and you are welcome to get in touch however you’d like. You can use the contact form just below if you like.

Keep yourself busy, find occasion to laugh and be entertained, and remember that to a cat you are mommy.