Things To Do

At the moment it’s get my place cleaned up, eat something, and get out in order to soak up some sunshine. I also have that iMac I’ve ordered and a larger microwave coming. Then maybe spend some of that $261 in food stamps I now have. Also get straightened out on my meds.

And then, write.  It’s dang time I started writing again.

Such A Day

Today I was supposed to get my apartment cleaned up, but then my caregiver had an emergency and so couldn’t make it. Basically another client has ended up in the hospital on a respirator and in a coma. I’m hope he (she?) makes it and makes a full recovery.

In other news I now have a bookcase and a bed tent, both of which need to be assembled. Soon I hope I’ll have a new(er) iMac with Catalina on it, which in turn means new versions of old software and my own copy of Pages to play around with. But overall this all means I’m frazzled and dazzled and ready to nod off. How are you doing?

Might As Well


I don’t see things the way many others do. During my years I’ve learned how to accept things others would rather not, and in this particular instance I really don’t want to see reality as so many do.

On Infinity

You get right down to it I rather doubt many of us actually understand infinity. What is it? Well, it’s big. It’s really enormous. Infinity is just infinite. To keep this simple, infinity has no limits. That is infinity’s one limit, that it has none. So I guess you can describe infinity as that which has just one limit, that it has no limits.

I know, it’s boggling, but I can accept that. Infinity just is and there ain’t nothing you can do about it.

On Existence

But our existence has limits, tons of ’em. There are restrictions on what can be and on what can’t be. You get right down to it our existence, our reality, can have no infinities.

In Particular, The Universe

In particular our Universe can’t be infinite. It began as a finite body. You get right down to it the finite cannot become infinite, no matter how big it gets. It can become bigger than we can comprehend, but that is a matter of just how limited our capabilities are. That skin mite chowing down on your dead skin cells can’t comprehend you, but that doesn’t mean you are infinite.

Furthermore our universe did not start out infinite. As far as I can see if it had then it would never have “thinned out” enough to allow for things such as forces and the like to ever manifest. It would be just too cramped, too crowded for particles etc. to ever appear.

I Did Say

I did say that infinity can have no limits, but as far as I know there can be locations in infinity that do have limits. To say that a part of infinity can’t have limits in a particular circumstance is to say that infinity has to be uniform when it is evidently not. Our existence is apparently one part of infinity that does have limits and we just have to get over that.

My Philosophy

So there you have my basic philosophy on existence. In addition I just don’t see how we can comprehend matters totally, for we really aren’t that smart. And this will inform what I have to say later on matters.

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