Bigfoot ‘spotted!’ by Washington Dept. of Transportation

Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti. Call it what you will, but most agree the furry, cold-weather giant is just folklore — unless you’re the Washington State Department of Transportation.On

Source: Bigfoot 'spotted!' by Washington Dept. of Transportation

I know, he does look rather human.… More to come

Bigfoot sighting? Traffic cameras in Washington State capture sasquatch-like figure

WASHINGTON — Could it be? The Washington State Department of Transportation released photos of what looks to be Sasquatch. In a tweet, WSDOT mentioned it isn’t superstitious, just a little stitous when they posted photos of a Bigfoot-like figure walking along State Route 20 and Sherman Pass.

More to come

Bigfoot Hoax

In 1967, Roger Patterson claimed he captured Bigfoot on film. But does the evidence point toward a giant ape or a man in an ape suit? Join a team of detectives as they revisit the age-old mystery.

Source: Bigfoot Hoax

What I'm seeing here is people lying, flat out lying.… More to come

I am Working


I just got the outline of Infinite Adventures done. Oh, not the whole thing, but at least some. For your amusement I now present that outline, which will likely get expanded. That means I'll be going over things in Mythus again, as well as adding from Mythic Master's Magazine and Mythus Magick.… More to come

This I Could Use

A little money to catch Uber with so I can go to Comic Fest here in San Diego. You'd like to help drop a shekel or two my way.

Extra goes towards a sandwich or two.

More to come

How We Play


I'm currently working on Infinite Adventures and as I was writing up the outline for the Encounters chapter I was reminded of the Dragon Mountain Adventure for D&D. As I recall her ladyship's home had kobolds inhabiting her basement (as it were), and that the write up made mention of the possibility that the players could get involved in the kobolds' politics.… More to come


I've got things to do, but at the moment I need to crash for a bit. In good news my room has gotten cleaned up, and tomorrow the ladies here will be coming in to check on me. And while all that is going on I'll be expanding my audience.… More to come

The Heck With It

What I have decided to do is to say the heck with setting up a wiki, instead I'll be writing up the books using the Nisus app, and then formatting them using Indesign. That will then get "printed" as a PDF and the PDFs embedded into this blog.… More to come

Mother: Flu was main factor in teen’s death

A grieving mother says the flu was the main cause in the death of her healthy teenage son.

Source: Mother: Flu was main factor in teen's death

Just because you've got one disease going around doesn't mean you can't have others.… More to come

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