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Recently I’ve learned that Mark Rein-Hagen (Ars Magica and Vampire: The Masquerade) has a pair of new projects underway. The first is Lostlorn, a setting on a flat world much like the world of Greyhawk, and other being Fangknight, which is to be a guide to life and adventure on the world of Lostlorn, focusing on a specific area and aspect of that world. That gave me an idea.

The setting is Tales of the Wolf-Folk Sea, a project I started a long time ago and really need to get back to. Tales was roughed out using The World Builders Guide from the old TSR, and got it’s name from a long and narrow sea once dominated by a race of lycanthropes known as the Wolf Folk. North of their now long abandoned cities are mountains, and north of those mountains are what is now known as the Unicorn Plains.

Redemption is an adventure guide set on the Unicorn Plains and focusing on life there with an emphasis on life among the Unicorn Orcs. The orcs being descended from refugees from another world, a world created by John Wick for Legend of the Five Rings. The guide is called Redemption because that is what the orcs are doing, trying to redeem themselves for the betrayal they made back on their old world.

You don’t have to play a Unicorn Orc in Redemption, but keep in mind that should you do you will need to be aware at all times that the orcs are mindful of what their ancestors did and how their behavior currently has an impact on them and their neighbors.

The system I’m planning on using is Dangerous Journeys, with a few changes to account for the setting in general and in particular.

I Got Inspired

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series On RPGs

This inspired this.:

Hiram is a middle aged gnome merchant from Falcondonia. A member of the Alfstein gnomes, his home is in Gettysburg and he mostly does business in Cherokia or over seas in Lyonessse.

He is currently 76, is married to a wife 5 years his senior. They have 3 children, of whom the oldest is married and has given Hiram two grandchildren. Hiram is said to be part troll in that he heals fast from injury even at his age. He does have angina.

He is known for his honesty in his dealings, and even the Seneca listen to what he has to say. An old notebook he once wrote in is often consulted as a source of wisdom by the Inca of Amazonia. How he got it is the subject of a story/

All the above is the result of my knowledge of the world in question and the system in question.Armed with that knowledge and a hint from a random die roll you can come up with most any background. What have you done?