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You've heard about the Wuhan Virus by now I bet, but have you heard anything about the current flu virus? Seems there's a second strain of the flu going about, and last I've heard it has caused some 10,000 deaths. It's big news in the medical field, and here in San Diego the local hospitals have run short on space because of new cases.… More to come

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A Suggestion

That we criminalize greed. We would have four degrees of criminal greed, these being...

  1. Greed in the third degree: Charging $8 for a gallon of milk for example.
  2. Greed in the second degree: The small front wheels on a folding cart for example.
More to come
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Over in the Reddit's RPG forum I caught a thread in which the commenters get blabbing on and on about how complicated your sales pitch has to be. Seeing as the thread had been closed I made a post at Reddit in which I basically said, "No you don't."… More to come

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Have You Considered?

That yes, they are games, but they have damn all to do with role playing.¬†You can role play in one, but that's not really what they're for. What they are for is achieving goals, the role playing is just something you can do but don't really have to.… More to come

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