Still Hoping

At this time I have raised $90 of the $1000 I'll need for a scooter, still have $910 more to go. You can please help

In other news I'm going into the hospital to prepare for the operation to get that kidney stone removed.… More to come

I Know

But if I didn't ask I'd get nothing.

So I'm asking for contributions, these going towards a mobility scooter so I can get out and about, see the world, and meet people. And I have a friend I'd like to go visit.… More to come

Pretty Please

I really need a better computer. The one I'm using now stinks and needs to be replaced by something that is easier to handle, and has working USB ports. This HP is about as useful as tits on a rattlesnake and I'd much rather replace it with a Macintosh.… More to come

I Need Your Help

I need your help getting a refurbished Macintosh. This HP I'm currently on is screwed up, and HP as a company is screwed up. The USB ports on this machine are worthless, and I can't get the drivers replaced. The only choice I really have is to get a Mac, and that will cost me something like $400 via the San Diego Futures Foundation.More to come

I Can Only Conclude

And that is, San Diego Transit doesn't want you using their buses for anything as unimportant as getting around town, or even to and from work. The buses don't go where you need to go, transfers are not available, and all too often there is a gap between the routes you may need to get to where you need to go.… More to come

To My Surprise

Just got a call from my new Dr. and she's says I am definitely anemic. We'll be looking into that, but for now she wants me on red meat along with iron pills. The pills Medicaid will pay for, but the red meat means I need donations for the rest of this month.… More to come

Coming Up

In a few hours from now

About 5:23 local time I'm turning 65, which means I'll be officially old. Now I'm aware that 65 is supposed to be the new 25, but I don't remember being tired all the time, or having a bad heart back 40 years ago.… More to come