In Praise of Being Organized


This is another post using Zendity, one written to encourage the people behind the software to add a few features.

First is the addition of another box. That being a text/image box with text wrapping. Second is the ability to link text from box to box, this to make it easy to layout text and other elements. Finally, the ability to link boxes together to that they act as one, and to make appearance neater.

In fact I would recommend taking a lot at how the application Scribus handles matters, since that is open source.

And now that I’ve noticed it, taking the layers feature of the Flux Editor would be a good idea.

just remember that Zedity is more a limited page builder than it is an editor, and it does a better job as a page builder than the others I have tried out. But even considered as just an editor, it does it’s job well enough.

To summarize, if you want to do more where presentation is concerned, give Zedity a try.



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