Stress Sucks

It doesn’t help that Dave is acting like a fundie. He’s being rude, ignoring evidence and arguments, and engaging in senseless insults. But besides that I’ve got an appointment today with a new shrink, and I’m fretting about what’s going to happen. Having to deal with one is enough, but two?

Here’s hoping at least my new shrink works out.

Just Too Much

I’m having a crisis. At the moment I’m getting the news some necessary matters are not being dealt with, and that thanks to one party I don’t appear to qualify for a program I do need in order to function.

That party is my doctor, my primary care physician. The first problem I see him having is his unwillingness to understand and appreciate the problems afib presents to an older man like me. With the autism I find it hard to take care of myself, and he won’t listen to that. So when I’m done with that I’m going to see about getting a new doctor.

After that I’ll be looking into seeing a counselor or therapist on an emergency basis, to see if they can help. I may end up hospitalized, but then again the way the mental health industry is acting that may be the worst thing that can happen.

Sorry to gloom your day, but I just had to get this out.