The Cowardice of Officialdom

Tariq Harris and Shamiko Harris, Jr., were removed for “safety” reasons from Lincoln High after students beat them. Shamiko Jr. suffered a concussion. His father, Shamiko Harris Sr., was later arrested after complaining to district staff. Staff said he threatened them, but a judge disagreed.

Source: Family sues San Diego Unified alleging two brothers were beaten, bullied and district had father arrested – The San Diego Union-Tribune

What you see here is the practice some people have of blaming the victim. I’ve been subject to it, as have others. In this case bullies saw a pair of brothers as convenient targets for abuse, and some adults decided to take the side of the brats. There is a name for people like this, “honkey”. I don’t care where their ancestors came from, or how dark their skin is, they are honkeys, and I say it’s about time we got on their case about it.

Abuse is just wrong.