Over in the DJ group on FB we’re currently having a look at Ægyptian mythology. Well, Egyptian mythology actually, but it amounts to the same thing. At present Ed Anderson and Alex Nuta are talking about their sources, and about the sources Gary Gygax used. I think Ed has mentioned something like 5 different mythologies, of which two are his own. Which reminded me of Hindic Mythology, where all those gods are found in different pantheons and are involved in different myths. If you think Star Trek continuity is a pain, try Egyptian.

Now picture a bevy of hawk headed figures looking down on an Egyptian, with one asking, “We’re all named “Horus”, could you specify?”

So Ed and Alex are working on source books on Ægyptian myth, would you be interested?

Just keep in mind that we’re talking about life here, and life is going to be confusing.