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The Marsh

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In the DJ group on FaceBook member Ed Anderson is providing us with information on his Ægyptian campaign. A lot of information as a matter of fact. …

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The Duchy d’Falcondonia



The Duchy of Falcondonia in Vargaaard on Ærth was established in 125(Before Atlantl's Fall, our 875AD) by the court of Charlemagne at the site of a Basque fishing village at the mouth of the Riviere d'Lenape (our …

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Source: Iroquois - Wikipedia

The people we call the Iroquis are known on Aerth as here on Earth as the Haudenosaunee. On Aerth they are made up of some 9 nations, incorporating the Shawnee, The Tobaccoo, and the Tuatha …

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