San Diego to turn city-owned properties into housing to help homeless

The City of San Diego plans to turn five city-owned properties into permanent supportive housing that is meant to help homeless people, including veterans and seniors, turn their lives around.

Source: San Diego to turn city-owned properties into housing to help homeless

I hope they spend the money they'll need to to ensure the properties are ready for inhabitation, unlike with what happened with Quinta Inn and Park West on the 1800 block of 4th Ave in Banker's Hill.

How I do Fret

Another fortnight until I have that operation on Feb. 18th. Then I get the last kidney stone removed, and the stents they installed earlier as well. Means I may well stop seeing blood in my urine and being able to recover from the things.

Then on March 14th I'll be checking out of here and moving back into my apartment. When that happens I can see about getting matters straightened out and make an effort at getting organized. With the energy I hope to be getting what with my kidneys make to working properly again I hope to be able to get some work done and actually produce a product for you to spend your money on.

But until then I'll be asking for alms, which you can do through the button just below.


Hope you're doing well, and to my subscribers I hope you find what I write here interesting enough to get you to write.

In Good News

I got a book printed out, which will make it tons easier for me to read through it and make notes in the margin. In other news I got back in touch with my care giver Roxanne, and she'll be giving me a ride to drop off rent to my landlord and pick up medication.

I'm being encouraged! God is so cruel.

Then Again…

Each of you donated 1,000 dollars each, I'd get about 6,000,000 dollars.

If a million dollars each then... Nah, that would be silly. Unless some kind and filthy wealthy soul sent me a billion dollars or two. Which I would then proceed to spend on things like housing, medicine, food, books, a high end Macintosh, a tv, and people to work for me.


I suspect that once i have my apartment I'll be able to chill and let my imagination rove.

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