I Got Inspired

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This inspired this.:

Hiram is a middle aged gnome merchant from Falcondonia. A member of the Alfstein gnomes, his home is in Gettysburg and he mostly does business in Cherokia or over seas in Lyonessse.

He is currently 76, is married to a wife 5 years his senior. They have 3 children, of whom the oldest is married and has given Hiram two grandchildren. Hiram is said to be part troll in that he heals fast from injury even at his age. He does have angina.

He is known for his honesty in his dealings, and even the Seneca listen to what he has to say. An old notebook he once wrote in is often consulted as a source of wisdom by the Inca of Amazonia. How he got it is the subject of a story/

All the above is the result of my knowledge of the world in question and the system in question.Armed with that knowledge and a hint from a random die roll you can come up with most any background. What have you done?